Sunday, February 01, 2009


Yesterday Elijah finally got to have his "friends" Birthday party! He feared all week that none of his friends would get to attend. I planned on sending the invitations to school with him on Tuesday BUT as you all know they were out of school Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday so we prayed SUPER DUPER hard that they would go back to school on Friday so Mommy would not lose her mind so he could hand out his invitations at the last minute. I'm sure all the Mom's think I am a serious procrastinator since this happened last year also. I could NOT help that they didn't have school due to an ice storm. I called all the kids I had phone numbers for but I still lacked about 6 kids. Elijah was so nervous. Lord only knows how badly I needed them to go back swiftly!!
Hallelujah, hallelujah.....they went to school on Friday and all was well with the invitations. Considering the very late notice, we really did have an amazing turnout in fact only two kids did NOT show up! All of the kids had a blast HOWEVER again it was another action filled TERRIBLE picture lighting party SO almost none of the "playing" pics turned out. I think I got about 3 pics in focus with ok lighting and they are of Isaiah and Quinlynne.

We had it at a gymnastics place and they had many trampolines and pits to jump into, a rope wall, a rock wall, many things to climb and play on and then as usual they had to have those huge blow up things that are everywhere on Earth!! They got to play for an hour then it was on to pizza, cake and presents!
And don't forget the many cards that played music....they were a hit!
A good time was had by all and the kids got to burn off some their cabin fever energy they accumulated this past week! Woohoo! And of course, Elijah made out like a bandit so he was happy! Thank you to everyone who came especially considering you didn't have a whole lot of notice....we truly appreciate you all for your friendship and love for our family!!

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  1. Oh how fun! I'm glad that most of his friends were able to show up!!

    I know what you mean about the bad lighting!!


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