Wednesday, February 04, 2009


If you've read this post, then you know that Isaiah hates snow and ice; however, he has been wanting it to snow for months so he can finally build his first snowman. In fact there has been many times he made my Mom go buy carrots for a snowman nose because it looked like it might snow! I would not fall for this 3 yr old child's meteorology knowledge ;however, my Mom does each and every time ~ sucker! Well as I mentioned a few thousand times last week we had an ice storm. Schools were closed Tuesday through Thursday ~ ugh! Tuesday evening I decided to go try and find Isaiah some snow boots to help him walk around on the ice when low and behold it was snowing. Now granted it was NOT the fluffy, white, good-packin', snowman-makin' snow BUT hey it was snow.....on top of ice, sleet, more ice, even more ice then a small layer of snow, then you guessed it more ice. When we get lots of ice, the boys get confused upon seeing it because our yard will look like it has snowed but once they go out in it they quickly realize once again that Mommy was right (really I don't know why they ever even doubt me!) and they are disappointed. No such luck finding boots his size so I rushed home, ran in the house to tell the boys it was snowing. Isaiah was asleep on Daddy's lap and I said, "Zay wake up! Do you want to go play in the snow?" We had to laugh because he popped right up all wide-eyed and ready to go! I layered him like you would NOT believe. I did NOT want him to get cold while playing and refuse to go out in the ice again since it would take awhile for all of our ice to melt! Let's see he had on longjohns, sweats, Elijah's old snowsuit, a jacket, a coat, gloves, three hats and his trusty full of holes crocs that he loves (hey I warned him!)........he couldn't move BUT HEY he wouldn't freak out in the cold either!!! It was comical watching him walk like a little penguin!! Elijah bundled up but we had to use my socks since his gloves were gone...imagine that!

This was my first sight ~ Isaiah down........

which immediately reminded me of this scene from 2 yrs ago.......

after this Isaiah refused to walk OUTDOORS for two weeks until EVERY TINY REMNANT of snow was melted!! THIS YEAR, Thank God, he just popped up and said, "Don't worry Momma! I not scared of the snow NOW!" Woohoo, good for you because I can't carry you anymore AND walk on ice!

Time for Elijah's favorite ~ snow angels

I can't believe Zay actually did it ~ his very FIRST snow angel!

Then they played and played and played....

....not sure why they laid on their stomachs in it but hey........
Isaiah trying to throw a snow ball at me!
I told him to eat snow and he liked it! He kept eating it until I made him stop because......

Samson got suited up to join in the fun although I am not so sure this was HIS idea of fun!
Elijah ran to the bathroom to do his normal soaking of his cold hands in water when I went in to check I found this! Elijah warming up his hands and Isaiah sitting on the counter warming up his feet! Guess his feet were plenty wet from the crocs HE wanted to wear!


  1. OMG! I can't stop laughing - i love the "head plants" in the snow. Poor little guy! Wish we had lots of snow here in Virginia!

  2. LOVE it - great to hear he's no longer afraid - my kids never liked the snow until they were older either!!

  3. Look at those little tootsies. It would be way cute to get pics of IQ in the snow together....


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