Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I was invited to join Tutu's Bliss in Two Cents Tuesday so of course this just enables my blogging addiction so who I am to deny my addiction.

I am going to stick with her topic of romance which really made me think!

All too often the romance fades or the initial "honeymooners" definition of romance!

Our jobs, 3 boys, sports, homework, housework and life in general all seem to put the initial idea of romance on the back burner.

My Hubs is no longer the one to randomly go buy shoes, clothes, flowers and cards and although at times I miss these things I have accepted and embraced our new romance.

I am sure you all have it but don't realize it! Instead of griping about it just imagine if the "new" romance didn't exist.

Our new romance is

him holding my hand while he drives,

the smack on the butt anytime I bend over,

helping me and talking to me while we fold laundry,

the smack on the butt anytime I walk by,

the kiss he gives me each and every morning at 5am when he leaves for work and thinks I am asleep,

the smack on the butt not b/c it starts "anything" but just because he likes my big 'ol butt,

calling me each morning at 6am to make sure I am up and to tell me good morning,

cleaning up the dinner mess (occasionally),

picking up the boys everyday,

letting me sleep in on the weekends if it is at all possible,

alternating bath nights and believing me when I tell him it is HIS night when it is actually mine,

loving me regardless of my weight and my complaining about it,

running to the store on a moments notice,

learning and perfecting the fine art of sarcasm instead of letting mine eat him alive (he's getting a little too good now!),

laughing and saying "I just love you!" when he is annoyed,

watching the boys so I can go to crop for 12 hours,

tokens of affection (it amazes me how many married couples are affectionate)

not being able to stay mad at me for any real length of time because I can always prove I am right explain myself and move on to make him smile and laugh.....

I could go on and on and sure some of you will say he is supposed to do a lot of the things listed or that they aren't romantic BUT just think about all the people you know who take all those "little" things for granted and how miserable they are because to them romance is merely material things!

After 8 years, he still makes me smile and laugh everyday and I love to watch him with our children!

No our life isn't all roses (he doesn't get them much remember) but I have to take into account we are very busy right now with young children. Sure more nights out alone would be great and it's easy to take the little things for granted and shoot for the roses, dancing, dinner, movie, vacations but I love our life. I could go on and on about what he doesn't do but instead I choose to value his tokens of affection and appreciate them (at least until he sits on the couch while I walk by a million times during a cleaning session). I know far too many couples who nag about EVERY little thing and let the good pass them by unnoticed instead of appreciating them and they are completely miserable. I choose to accept our new definition of romance for the time being! I've had the material things and now they are gone! After the kids are gone *sniff sniff* and we have more money, then a good smack on the butt better be followed by a dozen roses, a cruise, purses, shoes..........and until then I accept the little things because imagine all the couples and single people who don't even have that!

Next time I am complaining about a missed Mother's Day gift, Valentine's gift or having to do EVERYTHING around here, will one of you please refer me to this post so I can remind myself of my appreciation and wisdom on my "new" romance!!



  1. Great post.... SO TRUE!! love those lttle smacks on the butt as he walks by!! :)

  2. aww that was so sweet ♥ I love those little things :) (The butt smacks help too lol)

  3. Hey, I am from Tulsa originally. Your boys are gorgeous! I get the smack on the butt constantly. I get grabbed inappropriately. He says I should be flattered after all these years, I am.

  4. LOL gotta love that "just because" smack on the butt :) Love your post! Thanks for joining in

  5. I'm totally missing out on the butt smacks! Good post, hookah! It's awesome to recognize the little things!

  6. Great post! Love the "smacks on the butt"! Guys must get a kick out of that. My hubby does that too.

    I just saw that your little boy's name is Isaiah. Mine too☺

    Have a great Wednesday!


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