Sunday, February 01, 2009


Time again for so go on over and see MckMama to join in the fun and read more fun Not Me! Monday posts!
  • I did NOT almost lose my ever loving mind while the kids were out of school for three days this week!
  • I did NOT get upset with the city Plowman and write a song for him that EVERYONE should read if only to see just how delusional I was!
  • I did NOT for fun stop to ask MEN in their trucks that were stuck in the ice if they needed me to TOW them JUST BECAUSE I CAN! The looks on their hurt male ego faces did NOT make me laugh at all! I am that girl!!
  • I did NOT waste an "I told you so!" moment when I found out Hubs had diabetes. I felt so bad for him that I just couldn't say it even though I had been telling him for 3 months that I thought he had diabetes. Upon leaving the doctor's office after the diagnosis, I certainly did NOT drive straight to the gas station to buy a KING SIZE Snickers in a panic attack at the thought of no more KING SIZE Snickers at my house!! I did NOT do that because that might mean I am addicted and need help!
  • I am NOT at all upset that my Hubs has lost almost 30 lbs. without NO change in diet OR exercise! I am NOT jealous in any way because it only happened because he has diabetes and I truly do NOT want that! I do want the unexplained weight loss though!
  • I do NOT type "thought" then back space to erase the "t" EVERY SINGLE TIME I am trying to type the word "though".......WITHOUT FAIL!! It does NOT drive me nuts at all!
  • I did NOT take a picture of poop this week. That would be both gross and crazy BUT if I had it was merely because I was so amazed at a certain little 3 yr old girl's poop size that I thought her mother would not believe me unless I took a photo!! I was NOT at all scared to flush the toilet for fear of flooding my bathroom!
  • I did NOT get corrected by a certain little 3 yr old little girl!!
  • I did NOT get completely annoyed at Elijah's "friends" birthday party because I could NOT get a good picture to save my life because of the action AND the HORRIBLE lighting that EVERY SINGLE kids party place has. What is with that? It does NOT.....well ok YES it does......make me so angry to pay that much money for a party....enough money that they could get some good lighting after they host about 10 of those costly little boogers!
  • I did NOT get to go see Baby Harper this week and think she was absolutely adorable!! I did NOT get to see her parent's joy as they held and fed her for the very first time then cry with my sister while watching!! You need to go to Kelly's Korner and have a looksie at Harper if you haven't already!!
  • I did NOT go see Walking with the Dinosaurs Live with Elijah thinking I would be bored only to have an awesome time~ just me, my baby and some prehistoric reptiles on a Sunday afternoon!! I am NOT going to tell you that if the BBC showing of Walking with the Dinosaurs Live comes to your town or anywhere near you that you should GO, GO, GO!
  • I did NOT leap for joy when I received a call that our basketball game this weekend had been cancelled since the weight of the ice caused a leak on the community center roof! I would NOT do that because I am team Mom and I love waking up early on Saturday mornings!

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Have a great week!


  1. I love when things get canceled! Especially if it means I can stay in bed!

  2. LOL about the poop!! I've been amazed about the same thing at one time or another!!

    Too funny! I love reading your blog!


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