Tuesday, February 24, 2009


While over at my bloggy friend Jenners who I love because she makes me laugh OUT LOUD, I found this Google meme and thought it was a little too fun to pass up.

You simply go to google then type in "(insert your name) needs" and see what funny things pop up.

Here is what Google says "Angela needs....."

Angela needs diapers and stilettos.....if this is their way of acknowledging my need and want for a little girl then rock on otherwise I have no use for diapers and my big 'ol butt ain't even going to try to walk in stilettos!

Angela needs help.........why yes I do and thank you Google for noticing this tiny fact that I keep relaying to everyone and obviously they can't hear me. I knew my computer listened to me! There is a method to my madness after all.

Angela needs a cocktail.......right again especially after seeing my EX Aunt yesterday and having to practice SERIOUS restraint with my mouth. Actually I think a stiff one before the shower would have been amazing!

Angela needs a goal.....very true especially since Dad will be retiring and I will be jobless...goal would be nice and a quick, easy moneymaking goal would be even better. Does Google provide this goal for me or am I all on my own here?

Angela needs a new boyfriend....well pretty sure Google missed the mark on this one since I am married and don't need a boyfriend at all. Pretty sure Hubs would NOT go for this idea! Ooohh what if the eyes of Google are watching me and one of the computer techs has a secret crush on me! Crush away but I'm not free computer geek!

Angela needs a bass player....does this mean I will be a part of a band soon and get to travel around the world on tour??? Is this my goal? I am not musically inclined but I do love music. I love to sing but think I am horrific. I think my family just tells I'm really good to suck up! I really love the bass guitar so a bass player could be neat to have around so I will go with it.

Angela needs a break.......UH YEP! SERIOUSLY!

Angela needs to get away from her kids..........WOW it is like they KNOW me or something!

Angela needs a vacation......all right well I am a little freaked out now wondering who exactly is watching me....dodododo {{insert scary music}}.....or do I just look that stressed out?

Angela needs to relax and cool off and get a wardrobe for her new life........I can relax on the vacation but the cooling off....NO! I think winter has already done that! I need to warm up! New wardrobe would be great BUT could I possibly get a new figure first or have someone else do the depressing role of trying on clothes for me.

Angela needs psychological help.....do you really think so? I know most of us need some kind of help but for the most part I think I am stable; HOWEVER, if I am going to be trying on enough clothes to make a wardrobe, I will definitely need something for depression!!

Angela needs a plan for decluttering her home.....Now even though I know this is true don't you think this is a little rude. I am not as rich as the Google geeks and I have to actually do the work myself. So if you have the plan and all the helping hands to accomplish it, then bring it on baby! I would truly appreciate it. I started organizing awhile back then gave up when it got to the REALLY hard part.....BILLS! Here's an idea just go through the bills and PAY THEM then I would have a lot more free time to declutter my home AND keep it that way ~ NOW how's that for a "plan"!!

Angela needs our votes for modeling...............WHYTHANKYOUVERYMUCH!! I should go on America's Next Top Model because if they can make some of those butt ugly girls look great in photos then surely they can just edit out my fat, right!

So basically I need............help getting a cocktail and a goal so a plan to declutter my home doesn't lead to psychological issues requiring help BEFORE I take a break from the kids on my vacation to relax and cool off with my new bass player wearing my new wardrobe and to insure votes for modeling I will not be wearing diapers and stilettos...............phew did I get them all in there?!?!


  1. Too funny. I've done this before on myspace. It's hilarious to see the things that come up!

  2. hahahahaha this was GREAT Angela! I loved Jenners too :) I especially like the "I love to sing but think I am horrific. I think my family just tells I'm really good to suck up!" LOL I think that's what happens to 90% of the American Idol contestants :o for reals

  3. So funny! I seriously am addicted to reading these things! Though I'm a little jealous that Google likes you better than me ... I think you got off relatively easily. Though diapers and stilettos creates such a weird image!

    Love how you put it all together at the end!


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