Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I trying to find some good....well actually I was trying to find some bad funny pics of friends that I could scan....yep that's how I roll....when I came upon these pics of Elijah! He was by far the cutest baby boy I've ever seen! My Grandmother got him this giant bear to take his photo with every month to see how much he would grown each month on his birth day! Fun project and interesting but it go harder to do the older he got! Anyhow I found them, I fell in love all over again even after 7 years and here they are:

One Month ~ so tiny, sweet, calm, peaceful and cute as can be!

Four months ~ all smiles and still cute as can be and although his Daddy thought this outfit was girly it was a boy outfit ~ closest to a girl outfit I'll ever get!

Six months ~ so so happy, loved his thigh rolls! I love this picture because it captured his mini mohawk! He was born with a full head of thick hair but the sides and back just stopped growing. His hair was still thick and grew like crazy.....only on the top!! This was right after his first haircut in hopes that if we cut the top maybe just maybe the sides could catch up!!

Ten months ~ my little brown baby boy is so handsome and I just love his eyes in this picture!

NOW he is SEVEN and even though the baby/bear pics stopped six years ago he is still the cutest baby boy I've ever seen!
Not biased at all I tell you!

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  1. Of course he's a beautiful baby boy...pretty almost!


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