Friday, February 13, 2009


NOTE: There is a video in this post that I cannot stop from automatically playing plus it has a commercial before the actual video and it repeats over and over! If you know how to fix this let me know or I will erase it tomorrow because it is driving me nuts! You may have to restart it when you get to it or until then be annoyed ~ sorry.
Only in Oklahoma where the winds come sweeping down the plains....

can the weather go from ICY one week.............. 70° for a few days to 40° for a few more then back to the 70° with high winds and pouring rains THEN.................

{{I had a video here of the tornadoes that hit Oklahoma this past week and the damage from them however I could NOT remove the autostart feature so I deleted it!}}

Now as those families and the families in two other Oklahoma towns clean up what is left behind we are back to 70° BUT tomorrow in good old Oklahoma fashion it will be in the 40s once again! Early for a tornado and 70° weather but if you live here you know to expect the unexpected as far as weather is concerned. I have also learned after growing up here that a mobile home isn't the safest home to have when you live in tornado alley. Plus all of these weather changes wreak havoc on Oklahoma allergy sufferers, like me!


  1. I have NEVER seen ice like that... ever.

    it is gorgeous... but is it destructive?

  2. Last year my mother died at St. Francis right before the ice storm and we had to postpone her funeral and they lost power at the cremation society and we couldn't even get her ashes for the memorial service and everyone who was going to fly in got grounded so it was just us family. THAT is what I remember about the ice storm in Tulsa. We had a bad one 2 years ago, people were out of power for weeks, we were out for 15 minutes but my mother in law lived with us for awhile. I need to set up e-mail on here so I can type privately but I hate e-mailing from my Iphone and my son is on the one computer and hubby on the 3rd.

  3. lived through 2 of the worst ice storms in Oklahoma (I lived in McAlester and still have family there). The last one left us without power or water for 13 days. I hated it...that's the main reason I moved: the weather!

    Ps. Your video should be fixable :) It's going to be in the html. There should be a code about starting automatically but I totally can't help without looking at it so I'll just hush now lol

  4. This is the honest-to-goodness truth!! I've lived in OK my whole life and you just learn to never be surprised. I was wearing gouchos and flats w/ no socks I'll be sure to put on a sweater and some jeans...and socks...brrr. Plus, I had to turn the heater BACK on! HOpe you're allergies are better soon.

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    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  5. I hear ya! My allergies are killing me!

  6. I think our St. Louis weather is just as bad. A week ago today I was hot in short sleeves and jeans. Today it was a high of about 25 or 30. Ugh!


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