Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Sept 2007 - This is from one of our many trips to Branson ~ our home away from home! One of my favorite pictures from the Butterfly Palace and trust me I took a ton of pictures! It was really neat to watch them eat up close and personal and have them flying all around and landing on us. I liked this one so much that I added some text and now it is my screen saver that way I can see my work....ahem....the beauty of nature!!
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  1. Wow, great pic, Angela!!!! I think I would freak out if butterflies kept landing on me!! For real..I'm so wimpy like that!

  2. That is a very nice pic. The butterfly's colors are so pretty!

  3. That's gorgeous - love the colors together! Nice job!

  4. Please, please tell me that you love butterflies? Because I DO TOO! And I'm sure to include some in my Favorite Things swap with you! :)


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