Sunday, February 01, 2009


Sadly I had a HUGE "I told you so!" moment that I could not use because I felt so bad for Hubs that I dared not utter the ugly words so I thought at least I could type them since he will never read them!!
I have been telling Hubs he has diabetes for going on 3 months now. He would always get mad and say, "Why do you want me to have diabetes?"
In turn, this would anger me to say, "I don't want you to have diabetes but you have too many of the signs to not have it and I don't want you to go into a diabetic coma because you are to chicken to go to the doctor!!"
Finally Friday we went to a doctor who confirmed my fear and amazing diagnosis skills. I SO wanted to say, "I told you so! Haven't I been saying this for almost 3 months!" ALAS I just felt so bad for my Baby that I swallowed them and wanted to cry but I stayed strong. He took it pretty well I guess but I think he is scared now and still in shock! We left the doctor feeling pretty good with our instructions only to find out after talking to people that apparently we NEED to switch doctors because we did NOT know a thing and he never mentioned diabetic education courses or diet plans beyond a list of 6 things NOT to eat and 3 things to cut back on. After his A1C results (a blood test that will chart his glucose levels up to 90 days back) come in, I plan on getting a copy and scheduling an appt with a new doctor who will immediately send us to a diabetic education course that we desperately need. Keep Martez in your prayers as this will be an adjustment for him!
I felt so bad for him that upon leaving to run a kazillion errands I stopped to get my KING SIZE Snickers and went about my day. I did check my blood sugar out of curiosity later that evening and mine was normal.....surprising considering the major sugar attack I had from fear of no more Snickers or sugar in our house! Martez is the biggest sugar addict in the house so this could be quite a challenge but he is taking it in stride and plans on taking good care of himself. Don't even get me started on his Mother's reaction to the Doctor's diagnosis b/c this post will be entirely TOO long! Her lack of knowledge and misuse of the Bible astounds me! So far his count hasn't gone below 300 even with his medication in fact he has mostly been in the upper 400s but everyone has told me it will take a minute to go down to normal and taking it down too fast will cause problems too. I will be calling his doctor tomorrow though just to be sure!!


  1. email me his symptoms... I am curious if my hubby has it too.

    I am so sorry about Martez... but it is a very manageable disease...

    My prayers are forthcoming!!!

  2. man, that really sucks.. but, the sooner you know the better. so you can learn to deal with it. so, good luck to you guys with that. it sounds like it would be tough to pull off. i loooooove sugar.

    i also loooooove your MLKJr quote up there at the top.

  3. Man that sucks. I hope that he learns quickly how to adjust his diet. I love to eat and it would be so hard for me.


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