Wednesday, February 04, 2009


So I keep getting tagged for some 25 Random Things, Facts, Goals and Habits thing on Facebook. Yes I am on Facebook BUT I hate it!! I love Blogger and I love Myspace BUT Facebook is too freaking hard and very very annoying. Someone sends you a "drink, a hug, a present, join this, join that, here is what everyone of your friends is doing this very second, so n' so peed at 5am".....I don't care!! Don't get me wrong I love finding out about old friends and I LOVE talking to them, reminiscing and laughing at them but Facebook is too complicated and cluttered for me! Get me on Myspace or Blogger and I can bee bop around like no other but put me on Facebook and I am annoyed in about 5 seconds. It took me a couple of days to even figured out I was tagged by about 5 people and what a "note" and where was I "mentioned" ~ huh! I finally figured out "mentioned" is "tagged" so rather than do all of that I brought it over here!! No offense to all of you Facebook addicts who can bee bop around but I just don't get it. I wish I could get my Facebook messages to transfer to my Myspace b/c I love me some Myspace although Blogger has pretty much replaced all other obsessions! lol


for Rachel and Jen and the other Facebookers who will have to come here to read my "note" b/c it wasn't working for me on Facebook tonight...way too slow for some reason
  1. I twirl my hair when I am bored or anxious. There are two tiny sections of hair on either side of my head that get bad split ends b/c of this habit and I pick those out when I am anxious also! Wait can that count as two?
  2. I LOVE DVR! I know that is bad and I probably watch too much television but I am an insomniac and television addict! I would NEVER EVER get to watch shows if I had to watch them when they are actually on...HELLO....I have 3 boys, hubs and two dogs! I have to have quiet and be able to fast forward through commercials! Now that I have it I can imagine life without it. It's funny if we travel we constantly try to fast forward and rewind when we watch TV and Isaiah gets so mad at his Meme and Papa because they watch commercials!!
  3. I type extremely fast! I have worked on a keyboard over half of my life and I am a typin' momma! Seriously sometimes I see smoke rise from the keyboard from the speed at which my fingers glide around!!! Let me believe it OK!
  4. I love pictures! Any pictures but especially pics of my kids! You see me then you see my camera! I would love to dive into professional photography after taking some photography courses, of course!
  5. I love to scrapbook!
  6. One of my goals this year is to get totally caught up on my scrapbooking! Wish me luck! I really wish I had a craft room!
  7. I hate my teeth! People really tell me all the time that I have pretty teeth and I often wonder if that is some cruel type of reverse psychology because I hate my teeth! I want invisalign really bad!
  8. My eyesight is horrible! When I take out my contacts, my glasses better be right there or I will never find them! Blind I tell you! I started wearing glasses in 3rd grade and had bifocals in 4th grade. I actually taught my parents how to read with bifocals when I was 10 since they got theirs after me! Awww....I know! Pity me blogosphere! lol
  9. I love to drive! I love my car! Materialistic....whatever....I just love my car! BUT I get road rage! Idiots should not be permitted to drive I tell you! Careful I will follow you home!
  10. I love to sing but I think I am horrible! Hubs and the boys think I sing great but I think they have horrible hearing or they are tone deaf! I KNOW MARTEZ IS TONE DEAF!! That man could not sing to save his life! Or Dance either...he is one Black man that CAN NOT catch a beat!! Nonetheless I love to sing and I can belt out a tune like no other when the radio is LOUD and I am ALONE in the car!!
  11. I hate having my picture taken! Double and triple chins are NOT attractive thankyouverymuch!!
  12. I am double jointed ~ fingers, toes, knees! Yep definitely random thing there huh! This is a lot harder than it sounded!
  13. I wish I had a King Size Snickers right about now! I love those addictive bad bad bars of goodness! Single handedly the only reason I am overweight! Quiet now~!
  14. I wish I had more friends and more girly time!
  15. I am an insomniac and I hate...wait...I abhor mornings!!! I LOVE TO SLEEP!! It takes me FOREVER to fall asleep but once I am out..........
  16. I love all things baby! Their smell, total trust, unconditional love, tiny baby feet, fat fingers, fat thigh rolls, smiling while sleeping, giggling, cooing and all their first moments....I would have several more if I didn't have to have c-sections! WELL AND if Hubs wasn't "fixed"!! Ha!
  17. I have worked since I was 10 yrs old. My parents owned their own business and I worked before AND after school! I feel like I missed out on a whole lot of my childhood but I have moved on from there! I still work for them and I HATE IT! Love the perks but I need to move on. I really should NOT have included this one b/c I could go on and on and on and on.....get the pic...!
  18. Wow....25 huh....getting a little desperate here! Help me out someone! I can't stand my husband's snoring! I must kick him...wait...lightly pat him a million times a night! I honestly don't know how he does NOT wake himself up! If Moose our bulldog is in the room, Lord help me!
  19. I miss our cats and I miss my Daisy! I can NOT stand our dog Moose! He stinks! He drools! He snores! He eats anything and by anything I mean absolutely ANYTHING he can get his grubby little jaws on!! Shoes ~ check! Books ~ check! Any unattended plate of food ~ check! Trash ~ check! Plastic toys ~ check! Metal toys ~ check! Humidifiers and their filters ~ check! Get the point ~ you better! YES I buy him toys and chew things but hey he leaves those outside and he is too darn lazy to go get them!!
  20. Dude I am seriously struggling here! Please wait while I go switch the laundry loads and get a drink.....ok back......I have a disorder called RAD and it isn't RAD at all! I gag all the time! Cold air in the mornings ~ gagfest! Hubs blows his nose ~ gagfest! I walk in while hubs is pooping ~ gagfest! Bursts of wind especially in winter ~ SERIOUS gagfest!! Seriously folks I will gag until I vomit sometimes ~ pretty much most winter mornings I will be gagging at some point!
  21. I am always right! IF you think I am wrong, keep it too yourself and THINK AGAIN b/c I will end up being right!!
  22. People tell me I am funny and I believe it! Conceited ~ no just confident! I crack myself up all the time! Come on guys if you don't laugh at yourself then you will just be a bundle of nerves!
  23. I wish I could knit. I always wanted to learn from my Grandmother but now her hands are in horrible shape and she can't teach me! :(
  24. The smell left after frying food will make me sick and you guessed it gag! Don't get me wrong I love fried chicken, fried pork chops, you name it BUT the smell left in the house is awful and I HATE IT so I never fry anything at home!
  25. I love to shop but unless I am buying scrapbooking stuff or home decorating items I NEVER end up buying anything for myself especially clothes! I hate shopping for clothes for obvious reasons! I am a big girl and it ticks me off to go shopping! Attention "big girl" clothes designers: Not all "big girls" have big boobs so the little dart things in shirts make it next to impossible for me to buy shirts that fit properly and I want TRUE straight leg jeans not ones that go out half a foot in the hips then in then down! Did that make sense? Help a girl out!

WOW finally! Boy guys that was HARD!


  1. I feel the exact same way about FB!!!! LOL...but i dont myspace either
    Okay I soooo twirl my hair too!@!!!

  2. Well the shocking one on here was that the fact you like to take pictures, mostly the boys. I never knew that about you! ;)


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