Thursday, February 05, 2009


Time for Friday High Five! Come join in the fun....please!
Make a list of 5 things ~ ANY five things you want! 5 favorite things, Top 5 Vacation spots, 5 most embarrassing moments, 5 favorite pics, 5 reasons to not pick your nose......A LIST OF ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO BE!
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5 Reasons I NEED to stay home this Friday on my day off!!
  1. My house needs to be cleaned! Vacuumed, mopped, dusted ~ the usual!
  2. I have to file the kazillion piles of unopened mail scattered throughout the house ~ you know the ones I have been talking about for a few weeks now that I have done absolutely nothing with besides complain....yep those! ~ so that I can get our taxes done! OH HOW I WOULD LOVE TO SPEND THE REFUND!
  3. I am so tired and stressed out! The past 8 days have been insane ~ just to recap.....Great Aunt died, my Dad who is also my boss has two kidney stones and has only worked 1 hour in the past 8 days, my Uncle who I also work with went to Iowa for the funeral, this tells you I worked extra last week, kids out of school 3 days due to ice storm aka Momma had temporary insanity, blogging, pickup and distributing basketball shirts to parents, Elijah's "friend" birthday party, went to see Walking with the Dinosaurs, Elijah got croup, brother-in-law had ER surgery to remove gallbladder, Hubs was diagnosed with diabetes and the doctor situation to be discussed later was a fiasco, blogging, basketball practice twice, reading blogs, scheduling diabetes education course and dietician appt, more drs appts, pharmacy runs, normal Mommy errands complete with school drop offs and pick ups, blogging, Mommy and Wife normal duties.....need I say more because I certainly can! I know my life is probably not any more hectic than any other Mom and Wife BUT THIS WEEK my friends just took a major toll on me and I need a break! Probably sick of hearing about it but it just seems neverending right now.....
  4. I want to curl up and sleep with absolutely NO interruptions! A good 12 hours should be sufficient!! Yea like that would happen!
  5. Because if I don't stay home then I have to go to the grocery store....dodododo.....I can not stand grocery shopping. So mundane! Grab items off shelf, put items in cart, put items on checkout belt, put bags into cart, put bags into truck, take all the bags into the house, unload every bag and touch each item for the hundredth time and put it away! Can't stand it so I will try my hardest to stay home! Hush you are ALL right ~ it'll never happen!
My friend Shan tagged me for a 5 Favorite things meme last week so this week since I am too stressed out to be creative and actually use my brain I am going to also use it as my High Five!
My 5 Favorite things!
  1. First of foremost the answer everyone would probably say is "family" I love my family dearly! I could get extremely mushy here but I will keep it simple and say I love my entire family!
  2. I love pictures and take tons of them! I also love to scrapbook them!
  3. I love redecorating and organizing!
  4. I love to drive alone, music loud and sing my heart out....did I mention I like to go fast too! Shan I think it is definitely time for a ROAD TRIP! I LOVE LOVE LOVE TO TRAVEL!!
  5. I love to shop but I also love to find a good bargain! I come by that honestly through my momma!
  6. I love to laugh and I love sarcasm! Sarcasm oozes from my lips like breath....just like the rest of my family!

Short and sweet and to the point with one extra just for you Shan!!

Come on join in! Make it whatever you want ~ serious, funny, no photos, photos, sentimental, crazy ANYTHING GOES!!!


  1. Yay! I just adore these recurring memes! Thank you so much for including me :) I'll be back tomorrow to link my list ♥ Kathy

  2. I invited myself to play along =D Hope you don't mind.

    Your sons are the cutest little things!

  3. I love sarcasm too, but sometimes it gets me in trouble ;)

  4. thanks for the invite... this was fun.

  5. You definitely need a break after this week ... that is like a whole years worth of stuff packed into one week! But like a good blogger, you still found time to blog! I'm assuming that it is one of your "just for me" things like it is for me ... something to help keep your sanity in the midst of chaos! And nothing like bloggy love and support to help keep you going!

    Thank you for the High Five invitation ... I think I will take a pass this week but I'll try for next week. I love doing lists and the I like the "anything goes" aspect! Woo-hoo!

  6. Thanks for inviting me to participate! I'll try to get a list together!

    Sorry to hear about your past week! That is awful! How do things always just happen all at once?!?!

    Love your favorite things...I agree on all those. Although I'm not good at getting bargains...I need to be!

  7. Thank you for the invitation! I have posted my Friday High Five and signed Mr. Linky.

    You definitely need to stay home today. You have had a very hard week...

  8. fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! i gotta do my taxes & go grocery shopping. if i have time this week i'll whip up a post. if not i'll def join in next week! this is a great idea!

  9. I LOVE this idea and if you do it every friday i will be able to play along next Fri.

    sounds like you soooo deserve the day off...I am exhausted just reading about your week and the house work you gotta do...

  10. Hi! Found you through Dirty Socks & Pizza and happy I did! Love it!

    You need a spa weekend, girl! Whew! What a week! (My hubs has diabetes too..I can relate..) Love your you're stuck with me! Your little guys are adorable!

  11. What a great idea, Angela. I'll definitely have to play next week!


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