Sunday, February 01, 2009


The past two days have been so busy they made my Wednesday post seem like a cake walk!! So busy in fact that I am not going to recount every thing because you would then be as nuts and stressed as I am. But I do have many new posts coming in the next few moments!! Oh how I love Blogger!! Wee bit saddened I missed Focus Friday, Photostory Friday (which I already had planned out) and my Friday High Five post that was also already planned AND I definitely have plenty of blog reading to catch up on!! Luckily, Martez and Tez are watching the Superdumb Bowl and the boys are watching a new movie SO I am FREE to blog away between laundry loads!! Getting ready to download a bunch of pics and then I will just get carried away..............see you in a bit!

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  1. I too an blogging uninterrupted thanks to football. Enjoy.


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