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I know Valentine's Day is tomorrow but since I already did the sappy romance post on Tuesday I am switchin' things up today.
In honor of the fact that Hubs aggravated me last night I am going with
The Top 5 Things Hubs Does to Annoy Me
(I think some of them are on purpose!)
5. He is supposed to fold the laundry. I wash. I dry. The deal is he folds.
I ask you ~ What is the point of getting the clothes out of the dryer then bringing them in to sit in the basket for a few days? UGH! This only creates wrinkles which in turn creates more ironing. I don't have time to iron. Yes it would only take me 5 minutes to fold them too but I am cooking dinner, helping with homework, washing clothes, cleaning and very important things like blogging (hehe) while HE is watching TV. Plus, I did all that work and he can't take 5 minutes to fold. I am not the 1950s housewife! We both work outside the home so I am just as tired and busy as he is ~ actually I am busier. I eventually get mad, dump them on our bed and take the basket back out to the garage so he can't help but fold them. He'll remark every time, "Wow this laundry is never ending!" "YA THINK! Humans tend to wear clothes so unless you boycott, yes it will never end. You oughta try DOING IT for a change!"
4. Every night I get in bed it takes me a few minutes to get comfortable. Pillow has to be just right. Covers must be just right. Rolls of fat must be placed just right for maximum comfort. Now I am all for cuddling but AS SOON AS I GET IN THE BED if he is awake he instantly flips over to put his arm TIGHTLY around me. Now with tightly I mean ~ so tight it makes it impossible to move or sometimes breath. He can't just relax his arm. It's a strong hold ya'll! Then his knee comes up and stabs me in the butt. Now hello that is so not comfortable and for the life of him he doesn't get it. Eight years of sleeping in the same bed and he can't give me a few minutes to get comfortable before completely clobbering me. He says, "You are moving so much!" I say, "Yes I am and I have been doing this EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. for 8 years now so I think you would have seen some resemblance of a pattern here! Just give me a few minutes until I get comfy!" UGH!
3. Rarely do I get to watch TV in the evenings with all my cleaning, cooking and blogging that I do but there are certain shows we like to watch together once the kids have gone to bed like our crime shows and soaps. You heard it hear folks ~ Hubs watches soaps. If you need an update on All My Children, One Life to Live or General Hospital, he is your guy especially since he gets off at 1:30pm and instead of using it as laundry folding time he watches soaps. He is actually more up to date with them than I. This being said last night I needed to clear out some shows on the DVR and soaps are the fastest way. I love DVR! How we lived without it I will never know! We can watch soaps at lightning speed. Fast forward through commercials, boring story lines, stupid story lines and annoying characters ~ love it! So last night I was watching All My Children when he blurts out something that will happen like three shows after the one I am watching. He is a spoiler. No matter how many times I've asked him not to tell me ~ HE DOES! Or when I am trying to hear something and I've already hit rewind like 10 times due to him and the children I will say "Hold on one second everyone be quiet for JUST one second". Children = quiet! Hubs = NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!! OR he will flip it to a station then after two seconds say "What's this? What's going on?" "I don't have ESP and I've seen the same two seconds you have so why are you asking me?!?!?!?" UGH! So if he is in control of the remote, we watch 4 minutes of this, 10 minutes of that, 5 minutes of the I give up and clean......ok really I just come blog!
2. His driving! This one could go on forever. We honestly don't fight much at all but we can both get upset if he is driving. I learned the fine art of nagging while driving from my Mother or so Dad says. My biggest concern is he constantly drifts into the oncoming lane. That is all I am going to say about that because I am sure you know how I feel especially if our children are in the vehicle.
Last but not least
Do not under any circumstances lose anything around Hubs! Losing things is annoying at best but he will make it a surefire form of torture. For this reason, I will look and look, run around like a chicken with its head cut off then re look in every place I looked BEFORE even hinting I am looking for something. THEN AND ONLY THEN will I say, "Do you know where.......? Have you seen.....?"
His answer is always one of two things:
One ~"Somewhere!"
Ugh! REALLY?? That's all you've got! I know it is SOMEWHERE!
Two ~ "Where did you put it? Where is it?"
This one kills me!
This is truly bad when you are already aggravated and feel like your head is going to explode!
I know the reminders of this post are already coming!
Yes I still love my amazingly annoying husband ~ did I add he will only put 6 bowls on the top shelf of the dishwasher and call it full ~ but ~ oh wait and did I mention he smacks when he chews and slurps when he drinks ~ I don't want anyone to say I am one of those not "real" blogs and say I paint my life to be picture perfect because it is not; HOWEVER, I am happy as can be!
Was that the longest run-on sentence ever or what?!
Join in the fun and tell your bloggy friends!


  1. Love this!!!!!!! And I took much the same approach with my post today! But I added in some love for him too as I felt guilty! I love your blog! And thank you for the lovely comments yesterday. I am so glad I brought you such laughter ... especially at work where I know the laughs can be few and far between! : )

  2. I would slap Tim if he told me it was "somewhere"! The brat lol Happy Valentine's Day Angela!!

  3. Love your husband's response when you lose something! :)
    My husband does something similar to your Friday High Five on his blog. Too cool! :)
    BTW, the pineapple AFC recipe is very forgiving. I actually think it tastes better when it is overcooked a little bit!

  4. These are so fun! I can relate to a few of those. I'll come back in a little bit and play along!

    Happy Friday!

  5. I saw Dan's High Five and plan to do it next Friday!


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