Saturday, February 14, 2009


I got my very first blog award!

Thank you Kisatrtle!

First I would like to thank my parents for spanking me and not letting me talk back because now I have so much more to say about life and raising my children. I would like to thank Hubs for watching music videos (I know, right!), football, basketball and for falling asleep on the couch while watching TV so I have an excuse to carry on with my blogging addiction. I would like to thank the doctors who cannot cure insomnia because if I were cured then I would not be able to stay awake countless hours during the night to read blogs, blog stalk and ramble on as I tend to do. I would also like to thank my children for being one big giant ball of sweet, cute, ornery, crazy, funny and downright bad at times rolled into one so I have blogging topics when I have "blogging block". Next.......................

That was just warm up for someday when I am a famous blogger and the blog award ceremonies turn out like the Oscars! You know the day........when I actually have a bunch of readers!! Ha!


Along with this award comes responsiblities!

Wow an award and more responsibilites all in one day! Can I handle this excitement? Of course! Let me see....who shall I choose.....I am going to TRY to narrow it down to three....hmmm......


Georgie at Decisionally Challenged ~ She cracks me up even with a Tuesday Tidbit 3 word sentence. What is funny to me is after a few little chats we discovered we both live in the same state, then discovered we live in the same town and THEN discovered our children go to the same school which means we live pretty close and it's a small world after all! We haven't met yet maybe we fear we aren't as funny in person ~ just kidding ~ it is probably a small fear of blog stalkers ~ just kidding ~ or not! She is just too funny so go check her out!

I recently stumbled upon Jenners at Life with A Little One and More or she stumbled upon me ~ who cares right! If you read this post of mine and followed my linky love, then you know why her blog is a new love of mine! She is absolutely hilarious and willing to humiliate herself for the love of blogging! She is laugh out loud funny to me!!

Saundra who writes An Italian Mama Gone Crazy also cracks me up. I love sarcasm! She introduced me to Scrapblog and well that is probably a bad thing but I am sure glad. Her Bachelor recaps truly are funny, sarcastic and exactly what I am thinking most of the time. I leave her post sized comments well I guess I leave post sized comments all over blogger but I just love her blog so go check her out too!

Whew...that was hard work!

I read a ton of blogs so that was SERIOUSLY narrowing it down!!

I don't know if I could handle blog fame since posting, reading, stalking, lurking, searching, commenting and responding to comments has begun to fill up a lot of my time. Now awards! Wow!


I could totally handle blog fame especially if it came with FORTUNE!

How exactly do I start the fortune part of blogging?

Did you want to see it again?

I do!


  1. Hey! Congrats on your award!!

    Wow! It IS a small world huh? I live in mom lives in of my best friends in BA.

    It is SO good to see I'm not alone!on the rambling on my comments, my posts...even IRL! ;)

    Not to sound too stalkerish (is that a word? now I guess) maybe we will meet some day!

  2. Howdy! I came to visit because you are my swappee! Or is that a swapper? Who knows...
    I'll be checking your blog now, to get to know the person I'm going to send my faves to. Look forward to it!

  3. You will have to come to our next bloggy get together in Tulsa!! Georgie is precious!

    Congrats on your first award! :)

  4. Wow! I was just catching up and saw this! Thanks so much! You are too funny ... I love your acceptance speech! And I know what you mean about not having enough time to get to all the blogs you want ... I am so seriously behind right now and the more my blog audience grows, the more behind I get. I try to comment to everyone who comments to me but it is taking so long ... I'm not sure how the "big girl" bloggers with 100s of followers do it. I guess at a certain point, you might lose that personal connection! So here's to getting big but not too big! : )

    And I loved how you found out how close you are to one of your bloggy friends! Hilarious! And I know what you mean about being scared to meet a blogger in real life ... I'm fairly sure I would be very disappointing! : )


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