Tuesday, February 24, 2009


You know what they say about Karma.........

WELL it sure came back to bite me in the butt!!

Isaiah loves ice cream!

I never buy ice cream because Hubs and I love it too much!

I promised Zay I would buy some so I did then went to scoop us some up!


I told Hubs if he would go put Zay's pjs on then I would scoop us some ice cream.

He said, "Can I have some too?"


Now knowing he has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and after sitting through the FIRST THREE HOUR diabetes education course I knew he could have some ice cream but not very much since he had eaten his carbs for the day.

I got the bowls out and they looked a little like this on the counter.............

...............staggering in size like the three little bears!

Thinking it was funny I gave Hubs aka Papa Bear the smallest bowl which was the size of a salsa/condiment bowl..............I thought it was hilarious and only put one scoop in the bowl. I couldn't wait to see his face. I pursed my lips as if sucking on a Popsicle to suck the ice cream off the ice cream scoop when low and behold I look a little something like this............

....our ice cream scoop which is an old, metal scoop had taken hold of the underneath (meaty part) of my lips ~ BOTH OF THEM!

I thought this isn't really happening and just tried to move it ...................OUCH!

I thought go slow....................DOUBLE OUCH!

I thought just rip it off like a band aid.................NOT MY BRIGHTEST IDEA!

It ripped off the entire underneath side of my upper lip. You know the red, meaty, thin skinned side that touches your teeth............OH THE PAIN!

While telling this {{not exactly sure WHY I admitted to or blogged about my stupidity in the first place}} to my friend and my Mom, they both instantly said, "why didn't you just put water on it?"

My answer: "At the moment I was a little panicked at the fact that my lip was stuck to a cold metal ice cream scoop and I didn't think about water. All I could think about was how I can't blame the creator of the King Size Snickers on single handedly (is that a word?) causing me to be obese if I have to walk around with an ice cream scoop stuck on my face ~ HELLO ~ as evidence that it is all a lie!"


  1. OMGosh Angela!!!! I hope your okay...the inside of the mouth heals the fastest on our bodies if thats any consolation

  2. Oh my gosh!!!!!!! I was totally covering my mouth when I was reading the part about your lips being stuck to the spoon!!!!!


  3. A picture would have been the whipped cream on the sundae (pun intended)
    As a fellow dip dong, I would have done the exact same thing.
    I hope it heals quickly. Can you use Anbesol on it?

  4. ☹ no no no no no no ☹ that made my lip hurt...are you ok?

  5. Oh Angela! Ouchy ouch ouch!!!! I am afraid to admit I have done this too! It hurts like the devil! If it helps any, mine healed up pretty quickly:) Feel better!

  6. ewww...I got a little shiver from that photo...that kind of stuff always freaks me out! ouch! Hope your lips are healing up ... you know what might help ... a little bit of ice cream. (hee hee hee)

  7. Ow, Ow, Ow! That sounds so painful!! So Sorry!
    It is nice to know I am not the only one who does stuff like this! You, girlfriend, are my Murphy Sistah! As in, Murphy's Law? Check out my blog for my latest Murphy Moment!
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