Sunday, February 15, 2009


Happy Valentine's Day!
Better late than never!
Zay just loves my friend Shan's little girl Quinlynne who will be called Q in this post. He loves her even though she tattles when scribbles. He loves her even though she has learned to use her selective listening skills when he won't leave her alone. He is her Diego and she is his Dora. I know Dora and Diego are actually cousins but they don't have a clue! Even though lately they have not seen much of each other, it really doesn't matter in his mind. She is never far away from his thoughts!
Hubs has a mixed CD that he plays in the truck and Isaiah is obsessed with one song. It is Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson doing a remix of The Girl is Mine. Isaiah will listen to it over and over and over again while singing each and every word. Yes we could easily refuse to not put it on repeat but when he sings it well simply put it is just too cute! Elijah asked Zay who he girl is and in total Isaiah fashion he said, "Twinilwynne is my girl!" He can't yet say her name and that too annoys Quinlynne but he does not care. We laugh about them being betrothed and laugh at the torture they will go through once they have children and that my friends is our favorite part!

Oh I must add ~ when the part Paul McCartney says - Now Michael we aren't going to fight about this (or something like that) I like to add "because you know you really like young boys"! Sad but I think it is funny! You can play the song below if you want to hear ~ I just wish you could hear Zay sing it!

I added like a zillion different music players to this post. Although they all worked and showed up, they would screw up my sidebar each and every time. SO I played with the html for about an hour until I am so ticked off that I am just giving you the link if you want to hear the song I am talking about!

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  1. Chloe wants her to be her Valentine too. She loves Dora!

    I'm off to check out the song!


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