Thursday, February 05, 2009


Hubs needs a course to Human Anatomy pronto!! Hubs should not watch the news ~ any new medical info or tragic stories he wonders if he has it! Mild hypochondriac but at least he doesn't take it much past the fear stage. He doesn't go to get checked out for everything he sees but instead wonders! I just so happen to have a few examples that I am going to share with the entire blogosphere!!

Example #1
After watching the local news present a story about the trials of ovarian cancer we had the following conversation:

Hubs: Oooo Angela get off the computer and come look at this!

Me: What?

Hubs: It is a story on ovarian cancer.

Assuming he wants me to see the story for my own ovarian health, I turn blogger off *sniff*sniff* then join him in the living room to learn about his heart felt concerns for my health! We watch the story THEN HE SAYS:

Hubs: Wow that is terrible I hope I don't have that!
Me: Laughing too uncontrollably to talk, coughing, tears falling down my cheeks, more laughing and coughing!

Hubs: What's so funny? That is no laughing matter!

Me: I think the odds of you getting OVARIAN cancer is umm.....ZERO!!

Hubs: You don't know this!

Me: Yep just another case where I know I'm right since MEN DON'T HAVE OVARIES!!!
Lesson #1

Men do not have

Example #2

Before he was actually diagnosed (by someone other than his wife who told him he had diabetes for almost 3 months) with diabetes, he was having random sharp or shooting pains. We later found out this was part of the diabetes and nothing to worry about but before our fears were calmed he constantly wondered what they were. Obviously he wasn't worried enough to seek medical advice but hey he is a man after all! One evening it went a little something like this:

Hubs: Ouch! Man that hurt!
Loving amazing wife aka me: What's wrong?

Hubs: What did it feel like when YOU had appendicitis?

Loving amazing wife aka me: Why? Where are you hurting?

Hubs pointing to his left side by his ribs: Right under here!

Loving amazing wife aka me: Well I am not sure what exactly is hurting you but it's not your appendix.

Hubs: You think you know everything!

Loving amazing wife shows off anatomical knowledge: Well since your appendix is on the LOWER part of your torso on the RIGHT I am about 100% sure YOU do NOT have appendicitis BUT if YOU need to see MY appendectomy scar to be sure then go right ahead or better yet go to the hospital holding your left chest area and tell them you think you have appendicitis. I will take you personally just to see the look on their faces!!!

Lesson #2

Your appendix is located here

Example #3

The most recent and most hilarious to me

Yesterday while waiting to be called at the doctor's office he leans to me and says, "Someone mentioned I should have my thyroid checked out too. Does that have something to do with diabetes?" I say, "I don't think so but I don't know much yet so I am not sure."

Fast forward to later on into the evening!

Hubs has been sitting on the couch then falls asleep. He gets up to go to bed and leans over saying, "OH WOW MY "THIGH"ROID HURTS!"

I look at him bewildered and concerned to see him bent over holding and massaging his THIGH!!

Laughter, coughing, crying and gagging ensues!

Hubs: It's not funny! It really hurts! (while still rubbing his thigh with his face straining)

Me: Laughter, coughing, crying and gagging continues to the point that I have to leave the room because I can't bear to look at him without laughing. I am unable to utter a single word!!

Hubs: As serious as can be....I don't see what is so funny! We should have had the new doctor check my thyroid!....while still rubbing his thigh.

Me: Still laughing and trying to catch my breath.

Hubs: You are starting to tick me off! What is so freaking funny!

Me: Unable to speak for quite sometime!

Hubs goes to bed upset ~ now he knows better than that!!

Me: Random laughter at the thought of his "thigh"roid pains and leg rubbing hops onto the computer

Hubs: Can you tell me now why my serious thyroid pain was so humorous?

Me: Your thyroid is NOT in your THIGH.....laughter...... it is in your neck/throat area!

Lesson #3

The thyroid is located here

Being the helpful, loving and concerned wife that I am, I will not allow this to continue. So in an effort to help educate Hubs on anatomy, I am about to go into the living room to assist in Anatomy 101 with our loving friends from

I know, right!! Wife of the year!!!

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  1. Hilarious!!
    Enlightening the entertaining way!

  2. I think all men are the same - or your hubs and mine are twins!

  3. Oh my gosh!!!! If it wasn't so late I would call you to tell you that I did not choke from laughing so hard. BUT- I did wake up mom because I was laughing so hard. I had tears coming out of my eyes and I could not read the blog for the tears! I couldn't even tell mom I wasn't crying- I was laughing. I read this post to her and she was laughing. She finally retired down the hall and said "I'm off to bed. I hope my 'thigh'roid doesn't keep me up"!!!

  4. :) that is a GREAT post! Sounds like your hubby really needs you around. or he might die of all sorts of scary things. LOL too funny!
    Happy PSF!

  5. Thanks for popping in to my PSF. This was hilarious. I would start dropping other ailments into the conversation and see if he picks them up too to see where he thinks they are! Bless him!

  6. Oh. My. Gosh! That is SO SO SO funny! It is hard to laugh quietly! Tears honestly rolled! :D

  7. that was just too funny. The nurse in me, really, really loved this. :)

  8. I am cracking up. You should hear my cackling!

  9. Holy heck that is funny. Ask him how his fallopian tubes are doing for me......see what he says. Then tell him your Adams apple is infected. hahaha
    Thank God we got married so we could have someone to laugh at.

  10. Idk how in the world I missed this post :o Ovarian cancer lol he's a mess!


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