Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I NEVER thought I would see the day when Hubs would willingly cook!!

He is a PBJ maker extraordinaire,

a professional nuker

and an "I burned the hot dogs on purpose" eater.

He has cooked two "meals" in our 8 1/2 years together neither of which was edible. One meal was...well it was supposed to be 'lil smokies; however, we had a lack of BBQ sauce so he just cooked them in water with some ketchup. *gag*gag* Bad is putting it nicely. One other time I was sick and he brought me breakfast in bed. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever so I have kept it a secret from him to this day that I had to flush the breakfast down our toilet to keep from barfing. I love pancakes and could eat them daily but his homemade pancakes can't even be called pancakes but rubber circles. He still doesn't know so let's not tell him because it was a very sweet gesture. I am thankful that it never repeated though!

Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend Chai stopped by and wanted to cook out with us. We made hot dogs and hamburgers when low and behold I eye Hubs.......

.....slicing a potato to make fried potatoes!


I think I may have been in shock for a moment or two
THEN I grabbed the camera!!

They were pretty good considering he NEVER EVER cooks besides the fact it was totally HOT that he was cooking!!

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  1. That is too funny! DO you ever wonder if he is faking his inability to cook so that YOU will do all the cooking???

  2. My husband is the same way! However, I can sometimes get him to cook for me if I stay there and guide him through all the steps!

  3. Hey that's a big step for Hubs! Now you can enjoy a kitchen helper once in a while. My husband is hopeless in the kitchen:)

  4. at least he tried, right? your secret is safe with me:P

  5. He tried anyway. cool pics.

    Thank for sharing.

  6. happy atwt... love these kind of stories!

  7. Did the smoke alarm go off?? That is waht usually ahppens here when a newbie attempts to fry or bake.


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