Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I entered this giveaway in April!
I never expect to win because I never won anything until blogger came into my life!
I WON!!!
I did not realize I had won then I sent my mailing address to an invalid email address. Then when I turned my address into the correct email address it was a day late so I thought I wouldn't get my prize!
I received the book the end of last week!
This is an AWESOME book and it is huge!
The boys absolutely love it!
It is hard cover with sturdy pages chuck FULL of dinotastic information!
I would highly recommend this book if your kids' are dino lovers like mine!!

Thanks Momdot!


  1. how cool!!!!
    my son was never a fan......i tried but just didn't work out!!!!!

  2. CONGRATS!!!
    I'm also a WINNER!!
    I won a $50 stripe rite gift certificate and I was surprised as much as you. Lucky US huh?
    Have a Lovely Week!


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