Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I went to a picnic with over 500 children!!
Just the idea made me think what you are probably thinking.....
I took Isaiah along for Elijah's end of school all school picnic. We took McD's to Elijah. Elijah didn't seem too interested in sitting with me at the picnic so I actually ate with some of the other abandoned Mothers!! I took Zay knowing some of his little friends were going to be there also. Zay ran off and when I went to find him I found this:

Elijah was leading Isaiah around the playground.
I thought I was going to cry!
I know they are VERY close but I also know that they have been fighting like crazy lately so this image warmed my heart. This is the best shot that I got since they were moving and I was trying to get closer. The picture I wanted didn't turn out but they were walking with Elijah's arm around Zay's shoulder and Zay's arm around Elijah's waist. It would've been an awesome pic but alas most of them were not in focus! ugh! I told Elijah I would keep an eye on Zay since this was the last time he would see some of his friends for a few months. He would run off and play then always come back to play with Zay who was happy as a clam! Aw they really do love each other!!
We were there for about two hours. It was cloudy but a very nice day ~ not too hot, good gusts of wind and yet sunny enough for ME TO GET SUNBURNT!! Ah the joys of being caucasian!!
It was really hard to get pics of Elijah with his friends' since they were among the over 500 children running wild but I did manage to get ONE..
I really had a great time but of course that could be b/c I had actual adult conversation!! I love talking with the other Moms!! Since they weren't doing any actual learning this day I checked Elijah and Avani out of school when I left then took the three of them to the park to play until it was time to pick Tez up from school. They loved this idea!
Avani and Elijah with their "The Thinker" fire power impression from Night at the Museum 2!

Elijah, Avani and Isaiah ~ aren't they a cute bunch!!
Avani ended up spending the night that night..... do I get myself into these things!!

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  1. "Ah the joys of being caucasian"....Im cracking up. That pic of the boys together is beautiful.


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