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5 funny things the kids said this week
5. I go to my Mom's to pick Zay up and smell poop. My Mom babysits two babies and I spend several minutes smelling their hind ends for the source of the smell. My Dad asks if I want to smell his rear too and of course I decline with a gag. I give up. A few minutes later I smell it again and say, "Mom, what in the world smells like poop?"
Isaiah says, "Oh that's me Momma! I pooped in my pants!"
He says, "Well my teacher was doing the numbers and I didn't want to get in trouble so I just pooped in my pants!"
Needless to say I was very upset since I can't even remember the last time he did something like this consider he will be FOUR YEARS OLD THIS MONTH!!!!!
It was disgusting especially consider he did it about 2 hours before telling anyone!!
Wait, why is this on the list since it really isn't funny!
4. Lately my Dad has picked Zay up from school a few times a week. Yesterday while my Mom was buckling him in my car Zay said, "Meme, papa doesn't know how to buckle me and you really should show him how since you are so good at it!" My Mom laughed and said ok. He said, "No Meme this is serious stuff! He doesn't know how and it takes him FOR-EV-ER!"
3. The other evening Elijah was on the phone with my Dad and of course Zay wanted to talk too. Zay comes to get the phone from me then proceeds to walk into the living room where Elijah and Hubs were watching wholesome family tv or boxing which ever one suits your fancy. He says, "You guys be twiet! I'm on the phone!! HELLLLLLOOOOOO please quit talking I am trying to talk to papa! Could you turn the TV down please?!?!?" Well all I have to say is..........
You KNOW how hard it is to talk to ANYONE on the phone EVER once you have children. They instantly have THE most important thing to tell you and they NEVER EVER SHUT UP!!
Then he talks to my Mom and says, "Hey Meme, if I say I wuv you can you buy me some strawberries!"
2. I was going to the bathroom and discovered there was no toilet paper. I yell for help which Zay promptly replies to. I asked him to get me toilet paper and he left. Several minutes later........"Zay are you getting Mommy toilet paper?" to which he says, "Oh yeah I forgot!" I sat there a few more minutes then said, "Zay could you please hurry and bring me the toilet paper! RUN!" Several more minutes later while contemplating using the hair dryer to just dry off......just kidding......he walks in and says, "MOOOOMMMMMMYYYYY NOW YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THAT! I AM NOT SUPPOSED TO RUN IN THE HOUSE!" I guess you only run in the house for EVERY OTHER THING YOU DO besides getting me toilet paper because he has NEVER had a problem breaking that rule DAILY!
This one is my favorite!
Boys love bugs.....well mine do!
My boys caught a ton of horny little ladybugs and put them in their bug jar. Seriously, there was a ton of them and they were going at it. Elijah calls while I am getting groceries to tell me they had laid eggs. Great! When I get home, Elijah says while holding the jar in my face, "Mommy, why do they all keep getting on top of each other?" I said, "Hmm, I don't know!" He says, "Let's call Papa! He knows everything!" Well although my Dad does not know everything he does have a creative imagination or let's say the ability to make up crazy lies to children. He called Papa and I couldn't wait to here the answer! The answer was, "Well some ladybugs have a tendency to be lazy and so they just hop on for a piggy back ride!" Elijah said, "Wow then I have some really lazy ladybugs because they are piggy backing all over the bug jar!"

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Angela's Adventures


  1. Oh gosh! Kids say some of the funniest things. I guess I should say your father does as well!

  2. So funny! My kids drive me crazy when I'm on the phone. As soon as I'm off, they have nothing to say to me. Love the toilet paper run story. Kids love to parrot back to you when you need their cooperation. Glad to be playing along today! I look forward to these Friday posts :)

  3. The ladybugs in the jar...hilarious. We have had that problem with our horses, wonder what your dad would have said to THAT question. HA! HA! Your dad sounds great.

  4. your dad is very

  5. Lol!! Thanks so much. If only the hubby would think like you lmao!

    Thanks for passing by =)


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