Tuesday, May 12, 2009


At the beginning of last week, I walked into the kitchen to see Hubs, Elijah and Avani rummaging through the kitchen cabinet. When asked what they were looking for, I got a quick "NOTHING!" Elijah then said, "Mom whatever we are looking for has absolutely nothing to do with Mother's Day if that is what you are thinking!" I responded with, "Ok secret agent man!"

A little while later Avani comes to me asking how to make a cake. I said with all my Betty Crocker skills, "You buy a cake mix and read the directions!"

Later I found a list written by Avani and Elijah which read:
Buy cake mix
Follow directions
probably need eggs
maybe some milk
some kind of oil ~ Mommy said so
Other stuff listed on box

I thought it was adorable!

A few days later I would catch them in their top secret moments to which again I would be told, "Whatever we are talking about has nothing to do with Mother's Day but we can't talk to YOU about it!" Sure!! Then Chai calls saying Avani has been acting weird and saying that her and Elijah are on a top secret mission as a surprise for her and I.

Friday after school Hubs took the boys to get the flowers which at the time I did not know about other than they had been on a separate "mission" and it was TOP SECRET. Isaiah thought this was so cool!

Saturday evening Avani called to talk to Elijah and plans were made. Once everyone was home that evening I reminded Martez about the "cake" mission. He called Avani and detailed the mission. He took them to Wally World where they picked out a cake for each of us then bought us both the same card since "we are so much alike".

Yes I knew they were getting a cake for us!
Yes I had to remind Hubs!
I don't care because seeing the joy on their faces was worth every bit!
Letting them think we were totally shocked at their ability to complete the "top secret mission" including hiding the cakes and cards until the early morning when they could no longer contain themselves and woke us up even though we both wanted to sleep in was WORTH EVERY SECOND. Isaiah reacted with tears and didn't want me to have the flowers b/c they were a secret! He didn't totally get the whole "she can know now" part and was so upset! He quickly changed emotions since he got to eat in my bed for breakfast!
I love these top secret agents and I love that they are all so close!


  1. that is so cute! they think they are being so clever - it's adorable. thanks for stopping by!

  2. Watch out James Bond, you have some secret agent competition! Such a cute post :) I love it when kids work so hard to surprise Mom and Dad. They really are so excited to pull off their big mission. Adorable!

  3. They were super sneaky and sounds like they had a devilishly good time. I love how at th end they didn't know it was okay for you to know now. Great story

  4. So sweet - working hard to surprise you and make your Mother's Day extra special. You should keep their list.

  5. Wow. That's adorable. And it sounds like Isaiah may need to have some secrets to keep from his momma for his sanity. Sounds like that was more fun than the surprise was. :)


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