Thursday, May 07, 2009


Remember this sweet baby girl.......
Weeeellllll now she is this little girl........
Isn't she just the cutest?!?!?!

I love her! She has to be the happiest baby I've ever met. Addison is beautiful and always has a smile for me. I get the pleasure of seeing her every morning and dropping her off with my Mom who babysits her. This is one of her first tastes of baby food. This girl loves her food. Isaiah is totally in love with her pretty much verges on obsession but that is okay since this will be his only baby "sister"!! He gets in her face just about a million times a day and says, "Hi baby geeeeeol!" She just smiles and he says, "Oh her loves me!" Yep!


  1. She is absolutely adorable, baby food and all! :D

  2. You're right. She is absolutely adorable! She looks a lot like her momma!


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