Sunday, May 17, 2009


Dear Creator of the little rain diddy,

For decades children of all ages have been saying your little diddy ~ "Rain, rain go away come again another day!" My seven year old son who is highly afraid of storms has discovered a problem with your little diddy.


It seems that lately here in Oklahoma the skies are not listening. Now being a life long resident of the state I have learned that Oklahoma weather can change on a dime but we are stuck in a rut. The past few weeks have been constant rain and by constant I mean 20some days in a row of rain. Our yard can absorb no more water and has taken on the appearance of a swamp. Not so great for "curb appeal"! Mosquitoes love standing water and are multiplying before our eyes. My wood floors have taken on the not so fashionable Mud Paw Print look from the dogs walking in mud anytime they go outside. This Mud Paw Print look will have to remain unless I mop several times per day which is not going to happen. My children want desperately to play outside. I honestly believe they would live outside if possible. Yes, I have debated this issue and at times have thought about buying them a tent or shed to live in so I can have silence. We just want a break from the rain that lasts more than hours. We are beyond playing in the rain puddles since now our yard and streets are just one GIANT puddle.

If you have spent any length of time in Oklahoma, then you know that sunshine directly after a heavy rain although nice for a moment is not a good sign. Instead it is often a sign of tornadoes to come. My seven year old boy HATES tornadoes or even the mere thought of tornadoes. Then comes the weather man with his weather map full of red, green, black and spinning circles indicating tornadoes. I've thought about contacting him also to see if we could switch up the colors in hopes that my son will stop panicking anytime he sees RED on the map! We watch to know when to take shelter but it makes my son a wreck. The only good thing about those moments is I know he can read a map, he can locate our town and tell us if we are in the "red" zone. The bad news is he clings to me and asks about every half second if a tornado is coming. He was fine until I had to put them in the closet twice last year and now he is terrified. If you are an Oklahoman, then during the heavy storms you are doing one of three things ~ (1) taking shelter (2) watching the weatherman on TV (3) standing outside looking at the sky. YES, we stand outside observing all too often. We haven't just been getting "April Showers" in May but instead STORM after HEAVY STORM after THUNDERSTORMS after FLASH FLOODS and TORNADO watches and warnings EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!! We are tired of it and your little diddy is not doing a thing!

Last night my seven year old and I altered your little diddy until we had it perfected then we chanted it many many times. We are hoping it will work and are letting you know about the not so minor changes so you can spread the word. It goes a little something like this:

"Rain, rain go away!
Come again another day
preferably not tomorrow, the next day or the day after that!

Not so many days in a row
our poor Daddy hates to mow!

You make our yard all muddy and wet
so bad that all dirty we get!

Tornadoes make us tend to fret
so go away, try Tibet!

We know you make the flowers grow
but all this rain just has to go!!

Sprinkles daily would be fine
but to that you are confined.

No storms, tornadoes or flash floods
if this is done we could be buds!

Daily storms are such a drag
I'm sorry we don't mean to nag.

We hope you listened to what we ask
and hope you can complete this task!"

I know your little diddy has been a time honored tradition for many but due to the lack of response we were forced to make a few alterations and clarify our needs. I am hoping this clearer version of our expectations will take hold and the constant rain will cease. Maybe the clouds did not understand "another day" does not mean each and every single day for about a month. We hope this mends our situation here in Tornado Alley/Green Country/Oklahoma and chanted it again this morning JUST IN CASE! I am writing to let you know about the clarifications in hopes that you will spread the word. We have to admit it is long but quite catchy ~ don't you think!!
Angela and Elijah
Our "little diddy" creator name shall be Waiting for Rays
(Sun rays if that needs to be cleared up too!!)


  1. So creative and fun! Love all the thought and time you put into your posts:) Wonderful. Let's hope for sunny skies ahead!

  2. We too have had more than our fair share of rain. I'm going to start singing this and see if it works.

  3. We are sick of the rain, too! I think Jay will have a stroke if it rains again before they put our roof on--he spent about 7 hours out mopping and cleaning up this weekend!

  4. Oh... you are fabulous with poems!!!

    We have the opposite problem... we are in a state of emergency drought... they are gonna start fining us for watering our lawns too many days a week, or washing our cars in our driveways.


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