Saturday, May 30, 2009


Isaiah turned four a week ago today and he shared a birthday party with his two cousins, Nehemiah and Noah. We had it at the park where we always have his birthday. There was confusion on the cake and at the VERY last minute Shan offered to make a train cake. WE LOVE HER! In honor of the train cake and Isaiah excitement, he decided he needed to wear his "train man" costume to the party.
How cute is he!!The park has a splash pad; however, we did NOT have swimwear with us because we were told the water would DEFINITELY NOT be ON that weekend!
Little did that idiot lady who made our reservation know b/c the water was on and apparently the 50 some people there had advanced warning. NICE! So I called as many people as I could at the last minute to tell them to bring swimsuits.
NOW where in the world were my children ~ in the creek!
Heaven forbid they join the masses of kids in the clean water on the splash pad......NO.....that would mean they would have to pass up a chance for tadpoles, frogs, crawdads, fish and other nature things like DIRT!!!
Later Zay went to the splash pad but I think he was just trying to steal a birthday kiss from Quinlynne!! (Yes Shan I stole a pic or two!!)

It was really really good too!
My Mom had been giving bad weather forecasts all week.
Wednesday she said, "You know there is a 30% chance of rain Saturday?!?"
Thursday she said, "You know there is a 40% chance of rain Saturday?!?"
Friday she said, "You know there is a 50% chance of rain tomorrow?!?!"
I said, "Ok negative Nelly that is it I am calling everyone to say if it is raining they are to come to your house...keep it up!!"
So the party started, the kids played while the adults talked then at 4 o'clock an hour into the party I notice the sky is turning black. I rounded up the kids to do cake and presents before the rain came. It got chilly, windy and started to rain. The cake was a hit!
The other birthday boys
my nephews Nehemiah and Noah
The presents were opened so quickly that I didn't even know what he got until after we were home but THANK YOU everyone!!
Apparently in a hurry to make her awesome cake, Shan was unable to go buy a birthday bag.......

Too funny!!

Now what do kids at a birthday party do in the rain?

They play in it!
At first we tried to stop them but gave up and let them play!!

My niece Majesty

We went home and made birthday pizza!
What is that you ask.....

.....homemade pizza with candles that wouldn't stay put!!


  1. Tell me! You didn't make that cake did you??? It's awesome!!! I'm so VERY impressed! I'd love to know how you did it!

  2. Happy Birthday to Isaiah! Looks like fun for all:) Playing in the rain is always a treat for kids. The cake is really cool. The kids' smiling faces in the photos are wonderful:)

  3. Happy Birthday to Isaiah! I loved all your pictures... the cake was so cute! Great Job!!
    thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. What an awesome cake! It looks like a great birthday party. Your pictures were beautiful. I really enjoyed this post.


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