Friday, May 01, 2009


6 things you always wondered about any of your teachers or professors when you were in school
  1. Did they love school?
  2. Were they cursed with tons of homework as students and now this is their time for payback?
  3. Do they really love the subject they teach so much that they are willing to get paid next to nothing just to teach others about it?
  4. Why do they care if I am late since they know they were late too now and then? I am sure those ten minutes or so I missed didn't screw up my entire education! As you can tell, I had my fair share of tardies!!
  5. Do they want to punch the jerks and divas as bad as I do and tell them to get a life?
  6. Why do some teachers punish the entire class when the troublemaker screws up yet again? Do they not realize we already get annoyed by them and this just makes the hatred run deeper? I know this is probably the point they are trying to make to the troublemaker but you should know by now THEY DO NOT CARE what we think and will cause trouble regardless of how we feel!!!


  1. Here's how I would answer if my students asked me:

    1) I did NOT like school. I didn't like most of my classmates, didn't like some of my teachers. But I did well in school and I enjoyed learning new things.

    2) No. I had no problem with my homework (I did other's for them). However, I do not believe in tons of homework and rarely give any. (especially with 90 min class periods).

    3) No. There is no subject I would teach for the pay they offer teachers (maybe art because I do love it). However, I work in Special Education and that IS something I love enough to do for little pay. I love my job and the field offers variety a regular Ed teacher would not get.

    4) I need to know where you are. In the event of a fire I don't want to be searching for you. If you are wrongly accused of doing something, I can't defend you if I don't know where you were. If I appear to be okay with YOU being late, 20 other students may think it is OK. Most bosses will frown on repeated tardiness if you are late to work. AND, believe it or not... if you are caught roaming the halls during MY class, it looks bad for me and I can be reprimanded for it.


    6) I don't. Those I've known who do, do so for one of three reasons. The first is of course "peer-pressure". The second, the majority of the class someone participated or worsened the behavior of the individual. The third, the teacher is fed up and doesn't know what to do (rare, but true).

  2. They punish everyone because they hope that peer pressure will eventually get to the one who's causing all the issues. I've seen it happen, and when that doesn't work the teacher usually just removes the problem child somehow.

  3. I bet they wanted to do more than just punch them :)

    Your blog is cute!

  4. Good list! Have you thought of actually asking one of your childrens' teachers to answer those questions? Might be interesting.

    I like your blog, the only thing is having a pattern behind the posting/comment areas makes it hard to read. Especially when your text color matches really well. LOL

    I do love your header though. :)

  5. I wondered a lot of these things when I was little too. Great list.

  6. #2--yes! I feel like they gave way too much homework. Now I know better-there are just too many things to teach, not enough time to do it, and a lot of high stakes testing. Back then though, I thought they were punishing us.

  7. Ohhhh. much, much better!!! I love the blue...

    Very nice... and oh...smarty pants... I changed my background... neener neener!

  8. It's so sad how a teacher can make or break your childs experience.


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