Sunday, May 10, 2009


A few weeks ago Isaiah had his first trip to the Dentist. He has been asking to go for months since he waited for the other boys and got to play. In fact between the boys and I, I went to 5 dentist appts within a week b/c of insurance reasons. Not fun!! The day of Zay's appointment he cried all morning and did not want to go. I promised I would get him McD's if he went and did NOT cry. This really was a stupid bargaining tool since I knew once he got there he would be fine. If you are in my area, then you really should try Family Smiles Dentistry because the kids LOVE it there. They have a giant soft block room for the younger kids and a video game waiting room for the older kids complete with four or five giant TVs and PlayStations. The office is decorated really cool too......that might be my favorite part. They are GREAT with children and the entire staff is EXTREMELY POSITIVE. By extremely I mean I don't know if a group of people any where on Earth could be more positive but it makes the kids ultra comfortable so it is bearable and the ENTIRE staff is sweet and accommodating. Isaiah used to be EXTREMELY scared of doctors of all kinds which was a horrible fear to have since he used to be sick ALL. OF. THE. TIME. Now he is fine and it is soooo much easier!!! However, I still thought the giant moving Xray machine would scare the crap out of him.

But it didn't and it just made him look so tiny!
She gave him his own pair of gloves. She must have known that he loves gloves. They came home with us and have definitely seen their better days.

He got to operate "Mr. Silly Straw" all by himself while sporting the ultra cool shades!

He did great and now his "teef" are all "queen"!!

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  1. oh.....i hated the dentist as a child!!!!!!
    wish i could have gone to a place like that!!!!!
    that makes mom's job so much easier when everybody feels comfortable!!!!!!


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