Wednesday, April 29, 2009


For this week's Writer's Workshop Wednesday, I am choosing option number....

Is plastic surgery an option? Without being vulgar, write about the body part still attached to you that you would most like to dis-attach and replace with a better one.

IS plastic surgery an option?




It would be even more of an option if I had the whole independently wealthy thing going on!
Why couldn't I be a trust fund baby or golddigger?

Which part?

This really should say which partSSSSS!

Let's see I would do some lipo from the second chin down to.......oh let's say the cankles making sure to spend plenty of needed time in the butt and thigh region of my body! I am a mother of two so let's also go with a breast lift so that they no longer sit on my stomach and throw in some implants to address the deflation while you are there. I would like to remove some scars while I am at that possible?!?! Since I will be adding more scars from the whole breast issue this could minimize the road map look I currrently sport on my stomach left from pregnancy stretch marks, surgery to remove my gallbladder, appendectomy, surgery to remove an ovary and a tumor PLUS two c-sections. I call my belly "mapquest" with several pitstops left by children and doctors. Needless to say even if I was small I would not be wearing a bikini! Well.....ok......I should be completely honest. I would clean the house, do laundry, cook, blog and dance around in front of the mirror in a bikini just to see my hot self but not in public. Last and certainly NOT least, I want a tummy tuck! I tell ya all those surgeries, being overweight and let us NOT forget two c-sections makes the abdomen from the belly button down NOT. A. PRETTY. SIGHT. Disgusting, in fact!! I've seen Moms who weren't even fat to begin with and lost their pregnancy weight still posess the "flap". UGH! I truly believe the post c-section flap will NEVER EVER EVER go away without a tummy tuck. I know someone will write and say that is wrong BUT I just don't believe it since I haven't seen anyone get a c-section and not have some "baggage" there! If I only could have one of my options, it would definitely be the tummy tuck! FOR SURE!!! Donations will be accepted until all of my belongings are sold to pay for the surgery!! Thank you!

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  1. LOL! You crack me up! This is hilarious! Love and relate to the breasts sitting on the stomach thing. Honestly - can they at least perk up a little bit naturally? LOL

  2. No fair! Now I'm going to have to analyze all the things I CAN'T fix with weight loss... When are they going to learn and just start handing out plastic surgery voucher's at the L&D?

  3. LOL! Wow, now I'm really thinking about all of my body parts :) Great post!

  4. So far every post I've read in response to question 2 (including my own) has the same wish list... with the tummy tuck being number one.
    Please, please, please just make it go away. Crunches aren't gonna cut it!!! Give me that and I'll wear a bikini, I promise. Though that might be more of a threat than a promise...

  5. I always thought cankles was a funny word : ) I hear you on the lipo! I just need to find some MONEY!

  6. Visiting from Mama Kat's. I love the cankle bit, never heard that one before. Great post and I'd say your road map is well worth it, that's a beautiful family you have!

  7. Over from Mama Kat's and let me just say:

    OMG, I'm so with you. From my chin to my ankles. Surely we can get them to do it all at one time and then it would be considered ONE surgery. Right?

    Gorgeous family you got there girl. Elijah looks like he's trying to solve the national deficit or something equally serious and dubious. Funny.

  8. I've decided, since I like to be different, that I'm NOT going to fix my boobies. I'm gonna make it cool to have flat ones. =)

  9. i agree with everything you say......but i think i better add my eyelids to the list......oh my gosh they are even starting to droop......what is going on?!?!!?!?!? i hit 40 and i get really droopy and fat.....things are not going my way!!!!! i better get with the program or i will soon be one big droop!!!!!

  10. LOL!!!

    Make that all a double for me! I had 3 c sections!

  11. You crack me up...I don't think you should change a thing...


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