Wednesday, April 01, 2009


So I feel awful and I am going to give my view on what sucks!
Being an allergy sufferer who ran out of her medicine and failed to get more because she thought "oh I'll be ok for a few days"
when a few days turned into two weeks then
stupid indecisive Oklahoma weather decides to
be hot,
be cold,
be rainy,
be hot,
be cold,
be windy,
be rainy,
throw in 10in of snow,
be hot the next day so the snow all melts,
then decide to rain,
then be chilly
be warm again, with all of the allergy suffering residents!!
didn't I go get more allergy medicine?
Since I can't sleep because of my inability to breathe, I decided to look up some things. Although I always knew Oklahoma is not a good state to live in if you are an allergy sufferer, I didn't realize how bad my state and even my CITY were for allergies. At first all I could find was statistics from 1999 saying Tulsa ranked #7 out of the 100 worst cities for spring allergy sufferers. Then I came upon 2002 statistics saying we had improved and were then ranked as #17. Whew, what an improvement! (I hope you feel the sarcasm!) Then I found horrible 2007 statistics and I wanted to pack up my family and move far far away!
In 2007, Tulsa, Oklahoma was the #1 worst city for spring allergy sufferers!
I live there!
Holy cow!
Luckily by 2008, we were way down to #19 out of 100 of the worst cities!
The AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) has yet to release the 2009 statistics for the 100 Worst Cities for Spring Allergy Sufferers; however, they have released the worst 5 and Tulsa is not on that list.
Six or below is our goal!!! hahahahahaha ~ sadly that was probably only funny to me!!
Do you know how many cities there are in the US?
Wait for it.......
.....wait for it.....
That's too bad I don't either!
I bet you totally thought I had the answer!
I did try to look that up too but couldn't find it. Granted I didn't look too long since I became frustrated. They all went into how places are classified as cities, towns and counties and how different states use different methods so it is hard to get a count of actual "cities" and blah blah blah.......SEE why I didn't look too long!
The point is why as an allergy sufferer do I even live in a place that makes it onto the 100 Worst Cities for Spring Allergies list in the first place.
Hundreds of thousands of cities in this country and I pick one of the 100 worst for allergies ~ idiot I tell you and not even the bottom hundred at that!
All because I wanted my boys to grow up near their Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins!
Or just pure insanity and fear of change!
Take your pick!
Now onto what else sucks since I just happen to be making a list.....
not breathing through your nose, the nose congestion traveling from one nostril to the other taking turns blocking one completely at all times, blowing your nose and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EVER comes out, ear popping, throat pain but only if and when you swallow, not breathing through your mouth, gland pain, not breathing through your nose, eye pain, watering eyes, sneezing, itchy throat, headache, not breathing through your nose.................
Did I leave anything out?
Oh yes I did.......
gargling salt water *gag*gag* you can't even begin to *gag*gag* imagine how much I hate *gag*gag the taste of salt water so you know I was desperate, no sleep for days, warm cloths over your face while giving yourself a facial rub since according to the stupid liar of a nurse "it will work wonders" ~ LIAR ~, then sleeping for 15-20 minutes at a time, nasal congestion, Neil Med nasal rinse especially if you fail to read the instructions COMPLETELY before use (THIS ONE is a post all on its own!), nose spray that just drips out or runs down the back of your throat, not breathing through your nose, medicine that makes you feel like you wiped the inside of your mouth with a giant freaking cottonball and no amount of liquid seems to make this side effect go away, have I mentioned nose congestion and throat pain yet, drinking excessive amounts of liquids to cure the cotton mouth only to get up to pee every five minutes, putting a blanket on because you are freezing then fall asleep and wake up sweating, not breathing through your nose.....................
I think that might be it.......
NO WAIT you didn't really think I was done did you.......
.......Let's add ~ getting said allergy medication to be taken every 24 hrs then accidentally taking one at 5:30pm then one at 9:30pm on the same evening.
What was I to do after swallowing the second one and realizing my mistake?
It isn't like I could puke up just one of them. If I thought I had dry mouth before, then I was sadly mistaken. You would think I spent days in the freaking Sahara. I thought I was going to rig a line of tubing from the refrigerator water dispenser to my mouth or go get an IV of fluids put in! Then I laid in bed wondering since I was awake from not being able to breathe through my nose and all if I would notice side effects from taking too much medicine or if I would just die in my sleep. Those are always comforting thoughts while you are lying there going insane from not being able to breathe through your nose. Had I mentioned that yet?
Now I am done!
Crazy bloggy friends I'm not done ~ it was all true I'm just not done yet!
You know what is worse when you are feeling down with all of this??
Hmmm....... let's stay on track with giving me all of your pity and not elaborate on how good my life is and I should be glad to even be breathing although not through my nose.......
.....let's pretend I am the center of attention here.......
Now what could you add to all of this to make it worse.......
Diarrhea from antibiotics and pink eye......YEP.......I am lovin' my world right now!
Now you want to know what sucks the most.......
I have pink eye in BOTH EYES on top of all the other crap!!!
Needless to say I have been looking pretty hot around here lately!
Moral to the story ~ If I want to continue to live in Oklahoma and breathe through my nose, then I should not run out of daily allergy medicine and never ever ever skip a day for any reason whatsoever.....EVER!!!
Why when I put spaces in between sections where I WANT THEM does blogger erase the spaces when I publish? It never USED to do this!!


  1. Ang, you need to lie down a while. Put a hot wash cloth over your eyes and put your ipod on; ignore everyone. Take extra allergy medicine and get a good night's sleep. Have you ever thought about YOGA??? BTW, that space thing really irrates me too, but I digress. Hope you feel better.

  2. lol ok, I don't know about the spaces but yes, Blogger does like to erase stuff :p My children live in Oklahoma. 2 of them were born there and Christina was 3 months old when we moved there. She (T) has THE WORST ALLERGIES EVER too. From the time she was 3 months you see a connection? lol I hope you get to feeling better! *big hugs*

  3. Allergies symptoms are so relentless. I hope you feel better very soon.


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