Friday, April 10, 2009


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5 Things I learned this week

5. Everything you worked for in 23 yrs can be gone in a heartbeat. Even though you thought you were ready for it to end, you have no idea what to do with all of your time! Wow the days seemed so much shorter when I didn't have time to do a thing! Now I have all the time in the world and don't want to do a thing! Ironic!

4. Crying makes your eyes really red and puffy. Sleeping just make me want to sleep more BUT it makes the red eyes go away. I don't know when I have EVER had this much sleep. Convincing Hubs to take Tez to school in the mornings now was ONE AMAZING DECISION on my part. It allows Elijah, Isaiah and I an extra HOUR of sleep at least until I find a new job!! Then of course I drop them off and want to crawl right back into my cozy little bed to fall asleep so I don't spend too much time thinking in all of the silence. I NEVER EVER knew my house could be so quiet! I have NEVER had this much time alone in my house. Alas I must move on and I only did this on Tuesday so don't try to come over for an intervention!! Wait.....maybe you should then I could show off my brilliant personality, get an at home reality series and make money just off being me! NOW THAT would be amazing!

3. I am going to go insane if I am shut up in this house any longer. Retail therapy would be GREAT right now but not a good financial decision if you no longer have a job. I soooooooo looooovvvvveeeee retail therapy!! I am so not the SAHM type because I don't like to STAY AT HOME!! I have realized just how much I like communicating with ADULTS!! I find myself wandering aimlessly. I went to Dollar Tree and Payless and literally JUST wandered. Tuesday I drove to pick up Elijah from school and SERIOUSLY got LOST in the neighborhood I drive through EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Today I drove around the same square mile twice on PURPOSE just to waste time and not have to sit in the car thinking while waiting for Elijah to get out of school ~ I think Tez thought I had lost my mind!!

2. If you don't pick up the detachable metal piece of your vacuum, it will hurt when you stub your toe on it. Also, if you don't pick up the piece after stubbing said toe, the pain from stubbing the same toe the second time around will make you fall to the ground wishing you didn't own a vacuum with detachable METAL pieces!


After sleeping all day for a long period of time, a quick run around the house with Orange scented Pledge, cleaning up the kitchen then starting the dishwasher while beginning to cook dinner can make the "I've slept all day" look appear to be more of a "I look like crap because I've worked so hard today" look when the Hubs comes home! Hey it worked Tuesday but I felt bad so I have actually cleaned the past two days out of guilt!!


  1. Here's hoping things turn around quick for you. It's hard being alone in a quiet house for more than a few hours. At least it is for me...

  2. I hope the sadness passes as the good memories of the 23 years come to the fore. Life is change, but it doesn't mean we have to like it!

  3. I can relate to this in so many ways. Especially the laying around all day then jumping up to start cleaning as fast as I can to make it look like I had done something. I do this quite frequently actually. So far it has worked pretty well I must say!

  4. Get a job in retail. Then you can be around clothes and get a discount!
    Happy Easter!

  5. Oh I've totally done that #1 thing- do absolutely nothing until an hour before my hubby gets home then rush around the house doing things in superspeed before he gets home so it looks like I'd spent the day working hard. *sigh* I'm such a guilty mom.


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