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I know this is actually last week's prompts; however, something unexpected happened and I was unable to finish until now so needless to say I didn't link up. I was going to discard it but I was almost done so I am posting it anyway.

It's time for Writer's Workshop Wednesday with Mama Kat and I must say I am having a hard time picking just ONE prompt this week so I will be doing many!

1. Why did you do it?

Hubs and I met in Dec 2000 and I was pregnant by April 2001. Nice! I know, right! Needless to say not exactly my proudest moment, but I was excited. I could NOT believe I was pregnant! It took the nurse a lot of convincing for it to sink in. I was told 4 years earlier after several medical complications and many cysts that I would never be able to get pregnant. It crushed me but I had dealt with this fact of life and moved on. So when I found out I was actually pregnant , I was excited even though I was not married. My family was a different story. Now obviously I did not wait until I was married to have sex like I had been taught all of my life. I know many people disagree with this BUT I can NEVER say I regret that decision because that would be saying I regret Elijah. My parents first and only reaction was "Are you getting married?"
MY answer was "NO!"
They were appalled and upset to say the least. I was so hurt that after knowing my struggle with the thought of never having babies they were not even the least bit excited (at first but they got over that) I still to this day stand firm in my belief that couples should not get married because they are having a child. I know MANY MANY people disagree with me but unless you have been there, you don't really know.
How many people do you know that got married due to pregnancy starting ages ago when that was the "rule of thumb" that are now divorced?
I know if you aren't ready for marriage and kids then you shouldn't be having sex in the first place but alas I was young and not the best decision maker. My family did not understand. My view is this. Things happen. I NEVER EVER wanted Hubs to marry me because I was pregnant. I wanted the wedding. I wanted him to marry me because he couldn't imagine his life without me in it. I NEVER wanted him to be able to say somewhere down the road in the midst of an argument that he only married me because I was pregnant. I can't imagine how hurt I would be. Some may consider that selfish but oh well! I wanted him to marry me for me not because he felt trapped or pushed into it by others' opinions. We had a couple of rough years before we got married and I don't think we were ready for marriage because we were both too selfish and naive. I heard all the "well if you aren't ready for marriage then you aren't ready for children" speeches and I still believe strongly in my choice. I think waiting and working on our issues only made us stronger and more mature. I honestly don't know if we would have made it had we got married as soon as I got pregnant. So why did I do it? Because it is our life, our decision and our child! We feel we made the best decision that only made us happier and stronger in the end.

2. What is a common misconception about you?
This misconception is handed out by my in-laws. They believe because of where I was raised and my parents owning their own business that we are rich and snobby. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh how that angers me! First of all we were FAR FAR from rich. I have worked for my parents since I was ten years old. I had to work before and after school plus weekends. I really did not participate in many school activities. It was work and church activities only. I feel like I missed out on a lot of my childhood because of it but I would in no way say I had a "bad" childhood. I had friends and I got to do a lot of things BUT I paid for them myself by working. I worked. I was not entitled. I paid for my gas, my car insurance, my clothes, many camps and retreats, movies and outings. We were by NO means rich! I believe growing up and working for money made me a more responsible adult with more appreciation for the things I have. Don't get me wrong ~ at the time I hated it but I learned so much. Now the snobby part is hysterical to me. ANYONE who knows ANYONE in my family and has spent at least 1 SECOND with them or me KNOWS WE are FAR from snobby. How is it that they REFUSE to talk to us and then we are the snobs?

Pot meet kettle!!
In fact, I am not even going to expand anymore on my feelings about that portion and just leave it at that! Maybe they have misconceptions because they have NEVER ONCE ask me ANY questions about my childhood nor have they EVER tried to get to know me. Even when I try to start any type of conversation I get simple one word "I don't want to talk to you" answers!

I just have one thing to say ~
Nothing I have was or is handed to me. We work hard for what we have MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY IT!! Oh that felt good!

3. Describe a moment when you felt afraid
~When I was 6 mos pregnant with Elijah, I was having horrible pains. I thought I was having a heart attack but turns out after going to the ER that I had to have my gallbladder removed. I was in serious pain folks. I think it was worse than labor. Anyway they said I HAD to have the surgery and the baby would be fine. Then on my way into surgery the anesthesiologist decides to tell me if I had the surgery I would be killing the baby. WHAT? Turns out he was wrong and not allowed to be my anesthesiologist because of his remarks. I had the surgery and we were both fine.

~My emergency C-section with Elijah because his heart was freaking out!

~When I realized my fears of Isaiah not being able to hear me were true!

~All three of Isaiah's surgeries

4. In what ways are you turning into your Mother?
Let's nose peels 365 days a year and we have both tried anything and every thing!! I worry like my Mother which in turn causes bowel issues ~ I know TMI!! We both have IBS! I know, TMI! We can't seem to tell people NO when asked to do something even when we don't want to. She is horrible at this and I am getting worse! I just hope I turn out to be half the Mother/Woman she is!

5. Are you always right?

This has to be THE dumbest question EVER!!!

Am I always right?


If YOU think I am wrong, think AGAIN!

In all honesty, I am not always right just 99.9% of the time!!

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  1. Wonderfully written, hookah. Number 5 made me laugh before I even read your answer.


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