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5 funny things said to me this week
5. Isaiah dresses himself each morning and other than occasionally putting his shirt on backwards he does a good job. One particular morning his shirt was on backwards AND inside out; however, in a time crunch I decided to fix it once we got to my Mom's house. We got to my Mom's and she noticed his shirt and helped him fix it. About thirty minutes later, he gave all of his good bye kisses and starting running towards the door when I noticed his pants were on backwards. I started laughing and helped him turn them around while asking how he zipped his zipper. Apparently, he didn't unzip or unbutton the pants and just pulled them on. Upon taking his pants off I noticed his underwear were also on backwards. I said, "Is this backwards day at school and Mommy didn't know it?" He said, "No silly I just wanted Lightning Matween on my underwear in the front instead of the back and I wanted the pockets of my shorts in the front!" Ok....and I'm the silly one! Well at least he has a method to his madness.

4. Allergies have taken over my head once again. I swear I can only breathe through my nose about two weeks out of every month.

Two weeks ~ I'm fine!
Two weeks ~ Head is going to explode!
Complaining about my near death due to spontaneous combustion of my head, Hubs says, "Did you take your Walitin?" I reply with, "What?" He looks at me as if I am insane and says, "Your medicine! Walitin or Walitin D!" I said, "You mean Claritin-D?" His answer was concise, "NO YOUR WALITIN-D!" Instantly he went to my little medicine box and pulled out a box of Walgreen's generic Claritin-D appropriately named Walitin-D and says, "See sometimes I know what I am talking about!" My answer, "Yes, you are unless you are talking about your anatomy! So how is your thyroid by the way??"
If you don't get it, then read THIS post!!
3. While dropping Elijah and Avani off at school, I said, "I love you guys! Have a good day!" Avani and Elijah say in unison, "Love you too!" Isaiah who is never to be outdone says, "Well I love you five Mommy and three and four!"
2. While having a phone conversation with his Mother, I hear him say, "Well I would not put up with that and I would say something to them. Why should she have to deal with their ignorance and rudeness?" The conversation continues and I am a bit intrigued to find out what he is talking about. After the call, he proceeds to tell me about his Aunt and how her boyfriends family treats her like crap b/c they don't like her. He goes on and on and on and on and on.......all the while I start laughing. He says, "She should not have to put up with that and if I were her I would say something to call them all out!" My response, "I'll remember that next time your Aunt B, Aunt M, Uncle J, Aunt T, Grandfather, Mother and any one of your million cousins says something to me!" He says, "I don't know why you think they don't like you?" He only sees it IF they say something in FRONT of him which they try not to do; however, if said in front of him or to him, he will defend our honor......well now!! I begin to laugh harder and say, "Are you freaking kidding me? They hate me, treat me and our children like complete strangers and if that is their way of expressing love then the boys and I can most certainly live without their love!" For some odd reason, he believes they all love me (I actually believe he knows the truth but it is denial since it hurts him too) but calling me "the great white hope", telling me I am a real "fata**", asking why I am there and who the h-e- double hockey sticks I am, telling me I married into the wrong family and not coming to my wedding so as not "to see a member of my family marry a white woman b/c you only keep them on the side" and acting like OUR children do not not a way of expressing love! So you have it sisters I officially have permission to "no longer put up with it" and "go off"! I'll remember that when he flips out over my expression to his family using my psychosis! Yeah right! Get real! Are you freaking kidding me? Again I say POT MEET KETTLE!
Hubs lost my license. Long story so just go with it!! So after about 6 weeks and tearing our room completely apart and never putting it back together I came to the resolution that I am going to have to go get a new license. UGH! This reminds me I think I posted about this last year........let me go check.........ok I did way back in April of 2007 but it is funny if I do say so myself so if you want to read it is HERE!
Now onto this story and the funny thing that was said or I guess I should say asked! I had to take my birth certificate in and wait for the lady to look me up. She says, "Ok is all the information still the same?"
I answer, "Yes!"
She says, "Are you still at (insert my address)?"
I answer, "Yes!"
She says, "Let me see.....eyes blue....yes......five foot six.......ummm....yes.......weight (insert number too large to reveal on the internet but yet way way less than what I actually weigh),........"
"so do you still weigh (insert weight smaller than even my pre 2 children weight)?"
My thought, "Seriously! You know I don't weigh that so why are you asking me other than too call me a big fat liar! I could so squash you!"
My spoken answer, "YES!"
I get the glance then she says, "oooookkkkkk smile at the camera!"

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Angela's Adventures


  1. Wow- those things are great! Man, I'm sorry about the family crap- that stinks! Your boys are adorable! And I know it's insane when those people ask questions over and over when they already asked "is all of this correct" in the first place! Sheesh! :)

  2. Let's hear it for the grass and tree pollen just now coming on strong here. Alternating sniffles and sneezes - what more could you want.

  3. There was so many funny ones and then BAM -- some awful family drama! How awful that they treat you that way? You would think they would have come around by now ...and to punish the kids too? Ick.

    I think my favorite was the "method to the madness" dresssing!

  4. In-laws can be the worst! I have had my share of problems with my husband's family. It's tough to deal with at get togethers. Isaiah's story about his special way to get dressed was so cute! Oh, I wouldn't have been thrilled to hear that "weight" question. My kids would've been repeating that story to everyone. Glad I can play along today!!

  5. Those allergies are the worst. My haven't been as bad since I moved out to CA, but it was terrible when I was growing up in MN. I remember raiding my mother's medicine cabinet, desperate to snatch some of her Claritin when I was home visiting recently because my allergies were acting up so bad. lol


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