Wednesday, April 08, 2009


She is finally here.....well actually she got here last Friday but I haven't been posting! The first baby girl in the Bryan family (well the Oklahoma Bryan's) in 14 years! Wow! We love baby girls but we can't seem to learn how to make them! The week before Reagan's birth I was talking on the phone with my Cousin Cassie when she said, "I don't know but I have this strong feeling I am going to have an easy labor!" My response, "Oh okay!" and let her try out that positive thinking. Well do you know how bad it irks me that she was right! Ugh! I could have just vomited! She arrived at the hospital to be induced when her water broke shortly after arriving. Then later on I heard she was "uncomfortable"! Ok! Then she began pushing at 3:05pm, pushed something like 5 times and she was born around 3:26pm. SICKENING ~ especially for her first baby ~ just sickening! I gave her a time frame in which to have the baby and she did not work with me. I could not be there between 2 - 4 pm on account of having to pick up my own children from school.

When did she have it?

Between 2 - 4pm!


Come on people work with me here!!

It is like she couldn't just hold it in a little longer......lololol!

Then I walk in to see this:

Cassie looking like she hadn't done a thing! Sickening! I thought about slapping her just to rough her up a bit but alas she was holding the baby! Ha!

Proud Poppa and his new baby girl!

My cousin Kris is a wee bit excited to be an Uncle! This is how it went! My Dad holds her ~ Kris holds her ~ my Mom holds her ~ Kris holds her ~ Kendra holds her ~ Kris holds her......get the point. He couldn't get enough of her! We'll see how he does when his own baby arrives in August! He said, "I've been reading books!" ~ cracked me up though when we were all telling baby and birthing stories and he was pretty much in shock!!

So what do you do after your "easy labor"...... Chick Fil A!!

Uncle Kris kissing Reagan

My Dad is her Great Uncle

Isn't she cute!!
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  1. she is PRECIOUS! what a beautiful name and beautiful family congrats to you all

  2. Oh she is adorable I was cracking up when you said you thought about slapping her to rough her up a bit lmao. She is beautiful (momma and baby!) she doesn' look like she had a rough time at all! I'm sure Kris will be a great dad! Any man so eager and unafraid of holding a newborn earns some bonus points!
    Congratulations on the boy. We had the opposite prob in our Family my husband was the last boy. it was 25 years before we had any boys now we have 5!

  3. She is just beautiful. And it is not fair that Momma looks so good. I'm not jealous in the least.


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