Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last week......wait.....maybe it was the week before......they are all running together nowadays.....anywhoochie(See Shan I could use it daily!)......Isaiah's class did their spring program at school. They do the program for two days in a row since some children don't go everyday. The first day I completely forgot was unable to attend but trust me I heard ALL about it! Apparently, Isaiah and Nick had quite the conversation that was the laugh of the hour. It went a little something like this: Nick said something to which Isaiah said, "Are you talking to me?" said with a Different Strokes type accent then they both kept saying it back and forth since all the parents thought it was hilarious! So glad sad I wasn't there!!

The second day had its moments but much better! Every time Zay has a program it just reminds me of all the differences between him and Elijah. When Elijah went there, he would either just sit there OR do the motions but yawn instead of sing! Nice! So proud! I swear people thought he never went to bed. Isaiah on the other hand is quite the ham ~ imagine that! He loves to be the center of attention and he LOVES music, dancing and playing instruments! Every thing started out good......

He performed his Michael Jackson impression!

Just kidding!
The glove was for some ladybug song which he sang and did all the motions to.....woohoo!

He showed the crowd that he has some "hops" during the bunny song!


.........see the little boy sitting next to him? This is his fellow troublemaker Nick. They have a love/hate relationship. They love playing with each other but hate when the other gets more attention. They are great friends and they crack us parents and teacher up. Right before this photo the class was singing a song and smashing plastic plates together which was extremely loud and scared the crap out of a bunch of adults to the beat of the music. They were supposed to walk in a circle one behind the other.


Did they really expect Nick and Zay to do this without some trouble? I am a true believer that the entire program should be a sit and sing occasion! They were running around in and out of line of children walking in the circle then ran around in the middle of the circle. My reaction, "Whose kid is that?" and hid. The teacher finally stood and put them in line then proceeded to stand in the middle to make sure it didn't start again. They went back to sit on the taped line where Nick and Zay ended up sitting by each other.


I thought, "oh this isn't good!"

Isaiah fell to the ground and said, "Oh Nick pushed me!"

Nick replied with, "No I didn't! You pushed me!"

They went back and forth as I am gave him THE LOOK and mouthed for him to zip it!

Then Nick said, "You have no self control Zay!"

His Mom gave him the look and then we had to smile!

It was another POT MEET KETTLE moment!!


  1. That's too funny! Oh, and I think they should have gone with Michael Jackson vs. a ladybug song--that would have been too cute!

  2. Okay... I'm just gonna say it. I LOVE reading you... but it's so hard with all the dragon flies... I can't see the text well.

    Maybe black for the text? or bigger... I want to read you everyday without getting a headache. Smack me if this is too blunt...

    I get complaints that my posts are too long... just so ya know.

    Loveyou girl!


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