Monday, April 27, 2009


This is a creative writing project I saw on One More Fairy Tale . I don't remember how I found her blog but she is funny, real and talented. I thought I would give this project a try. If you would like to try, then click HERE for the template!

I am from a quilt of many colors from a reunion years ago,
from Snickers with a Pepsi
and entrepreneurs.

I am from the house of many colors and full of love
I am from the magnolia tree,
with the beautiful ivory blooming flowers.

I am from a family purposely squinting our eyes at a decorated Christmas tree to make the lights gleam,
where sarcasm, laughter and blue eyes are the majority,
from Gary
and Jean
and Bryan.

I am from the outgoing
and humorous.
From being funny
and nicknamed runt for my small childhood stature and being the youngest of four.
I am from the Church of the Nazarene
and brought up by Christian parents.

I'm from Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and Oklahoma,
steak and potatoes are top on our list and specials of won tons, Korean potato salad and bogogi.

From the 5 acres with a yellow house, a barn, a pond and tons of animals,
the secret hideout in the woods where we got lice from the homeless man who reside there when we were not playing,
and the wood choppers, dog breeders and pet store owners.

I am from a drawer, a box and a trunk of pictures, news clipping, awards, yearbooks and scrapbooks.
These are priceless and besides the humans, the first to evacuate in a disaster.


  1. i love this!!!!!
    i went over to check it out....but i am very tired right now so it looked like it was alot for me to tackle tonite......but may have to check it out and try it another time!!!!!!
    but i really liked yours!!!!

  2. Very well written! You have a talent with turning a phrase and keeping the rhythm of the post going along nicely. I enjoy reading your blog. It's always such fun :)


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