Monday, October 27, 2008


Today was a crazy day and I am beat! Actually come to think of it I haven't been JUST home since Wednesday of last week so I decided I am staying home tonight. Chai's Mom invited me over for roast and that is TRULY hard for ME to pass up along with spending time with a certain gorgeous new baby BUT I JUST want to be home in my leather chair catching up on my FULL dvr. However, I again got stuck by the blog bug and came in to blog some things. Thursday night was a COLD AND WINDY night that I spent on a COLD bleacher watching my son aka talking to the other moms while Elijah played in a scrimmage. Friday was an earlier day than normal when I spent half the day with Chai and Addy at the hospital. The other half was spent with a horrible headache, a bunch of errands, an attempted nap, another visit to the hospital and then more errands. Saturday was spent at Elijah's football game, my nephew Nehemiah's football game, late lunch with friends, errands, Halloween party then guess what more errands!! Wow I am tired just thinking of it all! Sunday I attempted to sleep such luck..........then came the basketball combine and then out to pick up Chai's medicine and off to her house to watch Avani and Addy while she tried to get some rest on her first day home. Today begins a new week with school, work, football practice, basketball draft and the football playoffs are this weekend PLUS I am trying to fit in redecorating Avani's room next weekend. Imagine that, I went off on a tangent...hmmm....what was this blog supposed to be about b/c it certainly wasn't planned to be this? Be back when I remember!! Sorry folks!

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