Friday, October 10, 2008


  1. My mom is funny! She is so funny to me and I love laughing with her! She is even funnier when she is not meaning to be funny and just looks innocent!
  2. I love watching my Mom with the boys! I thank God everyday for her being so close to them and willing to do anything for them. It has been so nice having her watch them as wee ones and still picking them up and dropping them off when needed. My mom is so loving! She loves them to death and at times I think her and the boys are addicted to each other, seriously! She will tell me, my dad, my siblings, her friends or for that matter anyone who will listen to her the same story OVER AND OVER AND OVER again about something "so cute and funny" that the boys said or did. You can tell her she has already told you and she will say "it was so cute, I just had to laugh" and still tell you again. She will be sitting there watching TV, filing or in the middle of another conversation when the stories pop into her head and she has to tell someone. I love her for it though!
  3. I love the fact that my Mom will watch Biggest Loser then go make a batch of brownies! I love my Mom's cooking! Her apple cookies and Lasagna are the best EVER! She is an awesome cook! If you haven't had apple cookies, you really should try them! Mmmmm........gonna have to call her real quick to order me a batch!
  4. My Mom is very forgiving but she will still spill the gossip to me!
  5. I love the fact that I can call my Mom at any time to talk. I talk to her EVERYDAY! Sometimes when I think I might be getting on her nerves b/c we see each other so much and talk so much I will not call and sure enough she will call later on that day to see why I hadn't called! I love her for that! We are not obsessed or glued at the hip nor does my Mom butt into our lives AT ALL! Some calls are only a minute or two but I talk to her almost everyday even if it is about nothing!

My Mom is an amazing person and loves so much! She will do anything for ANYONE. I try my hardest to do what I can for HER and make her life easier b/c she does SO much for us each day! I don't know where I would be without my relationship with my Mother. It is funny to me that I never realized any of this until I had a family of my own!

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