Thursday, October 09, 2008


The doctors decided to have another look for brain damage since Maddox seemed his normal self and to their surprise the minor brain damage that was present on the first scan was no longer there. After further testing to make sure he could still be a heart transplant candidate, the Doctors added Maddox to the transplant list YESTERDAY! This morning while Tammy and Manny left for a break they got a call from his nurse telling them to come back immediately because they have a heart available that matches Maddox and he needs to be prepped for surgery STAT!! I HAVE TOLD YOU GUYS OVER AND OVER THIS KID IS A MIRACLE!! How many people do you hear about on the transplant list that only wait one day!?!?!? NONE! He went into surgery a couple of hours ago and I am sure it will take most of the day but she promised to keep us updated. Pray for Maddox, his family, the transplant team at the Heart Center at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston and the family of the tiny donor that made this surgery possible & gave Maddox another chance at a longer life!!

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