Monday, October 13, 2008


Well I haven't really been obsessive so much THIS past week due to the fact that my Internet was screwed up. However supposedly it is "fixed" now so I will find some more new obsessions for next Monday! I will share a blog I frequent though b/c it is simply delish.......Seven Super Summers. Becky the writer is a friend of a friend who sent me there to read a certain blog entry and OF COURSE I got hooked and read the entire thing! Who wouldn't be hooked....HELLO....a mother of seven with a husband battling cancer and she still finds time to write for 2 blogs and cook some major desserts along with all the everyday wife and mom duties!!!! Why do I like her blog: She does Chocoholics Anonymous on Fridays and she has some recipes WITH pics that are hmm.......I'll just say tempting to be nice! I haven't actually tried any yet and just get my chocolate fix by licking the screen and printing the pictures to post all over my walls as a reminder to why I am overweight......but if they taste as good as they look or sound then it MUST be a sin! Do do do do! If you read Becky's blog, then you must also read her other blog My Superman's Kryptonite that chronicles her husband's fight against cancer and how that affects their lives as a family. Hey Becky if for some queer reason YOU are reading THIS then I think you should change the title Seven Super Summers to Superman's Wonder Woman!!! Happy reading!

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