Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I forgot to blog (I think!) about Maddox's 2nd CAT scan. After the first scan, Maddox was diagnosed with minimal brain damage but they wanted to wait until he woke up to see his reactions. When he woke up, Maddox recognized everyone and talked up a storm. They did a 2nd scan before placing him on the donor list and the damage that was present in the 1st scan was GONE! He had absolutely NO brain damage ~ yet another miracle amazing his doctors with every chance he gets! After ONE day on the transplant list ~another miracle ~ Maddox got a new heart. Days later...Maddox is doing great ~ even better than expected!! He had a slightly irregular heartbeat that the doctors said would even itself out and it did. He now has high blood pressure but the doctors say it is also nothing to worry about. They said his pressure will even out also and is caused by the heart being a little small. The donor was a 5 month old baby girl who passed away. Tammi was able to write a letter to the donor family but now any contact must be made by the donor family and Tammi will not know anything else unless they contact her. It is a bittersweet moment for Tammi knowing that her baby can now live BUT another mother has empty arms and a broken heart to provide Maddox with this chance! Continue to pray for all of those involved!

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