Monday, October 27, 2008


I did NOT secretly wish Chaitra's husband would be afraid of passing out due to the sight of blood during her c-section then chicken out so I could go into the room with her! NOT ME!

I did NOT laugh hysterically while my husband was talking about the poor Mom who was stuck with Denis at the zoo field trip Friday while I was at the hospital b/c that would be inconsiderate! I also did NOT laugh when he was telling me she got scared of the bats and ran out of the building leaving Denis behind!

I did NOT wish I hadn't volunteered to coach my son's basketball team with my husband.

I did NOT run screaming "That's MY boy!" while my son was running an 80 yd touchdown at his football game this weekend b/c then the crowd could feel the earth move under their feet.

I did NOT wish my son didn't play football when I was sitting in the freezing cold wind during a scrimmage ~ indoor sports would be good!

I did NOT hold Addy yesterday for hours while Chai napped b/c that would've gone against her wishes and might "spoil" her!! Go take a look at little Addy and see that their is NO way I would do that even if her Mom didn't know!

I did NOT go to Target this week...NO certainly NOT b/c then I would have broken my word. Good thing I did NOT do that!! You could read the blog about me not doing that and how good it felt!!

I did NOT get lost at the Halloween festival and search for my group who had my children and I hoped my husband. I did NOT start to tear up when I found my husband with only one of our two children. I did NOT call my friends multiple times while starting to panic and lose my breath. NOPE I remained oh so calm! NOT!!

I did NOT procrastinate going into work on Thursday for some alone time with the hubs!

I did NOT secretly call to see how much it would cost to have someone come clean my house for me b/c I am the best homemaker and do NOT need outside help. I am NOT thinking of having them come some Friday while I am off and then I certainly am NOT planning on taking all the credit for how clean the house will be. I would NEVER steal their thunder and lie!!

I did NOT regret sending my hubby to the grocery store b/c it was so helpful!

I did NOT regret being helpful and painting Chai's nursery last Sunday b/c my arms were so sore the next day it hurt to straighten my hair. Good thing because then that might mean I am out of shape and I certainly am NOT!

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