Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I did another craft today not realizing there wasn't much for the boys to do on it. Boo hoo for them but few moments of quiet for me!! I am calling it Canned Goods. I will be buying marbles or pebbles and the boys will be given one each time they do, say or act "good". I am hoping that by purposely watching for good in my children that maybe I won't just point out the bad and discipline them. I try to point them out but hopefully I will be looking out for them now. The boys will be given a pebble/marble to put in the Canned Goods can with each good act and a predecided special outing will be earned once the can is full. The can is a little larger than the average can of vegetables but maybe it will entice them to act better and maybe we as parents won't just be pointing out the bad.

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