Sunday, October 19, 2008


Elijah playing with Daddy's Coach hat and looking dashing as ever while on the road again ...... just can't wait to get on the road again.....Are you singing along??

Saturday we had to travel to Grove ~ 90 minutes from our home ~ for another football game. Fortunately, this game unlike EVERY other away game was not AS early so we did not have to leave at the butt crack of dawn not till at least 7:30 am on a SATURDAY!! Wow just one more game then the playoffs! Did I mention the Coach saw we were polled as one of the top 3 1st grade teams in the INFC conference? Good job boys! What exactly is a Ridgerunner? I am guessing by the picture it is some sort of red bird but couldn't they come up with something easier to put into a cheer or chant for those girls!! Today the boys were back in the game, ready to play their hearts out again! They are such a good and kind group of boys and we are all so proud of them. Elijah made two touchdowns today, some hard hitting - momma hold your breath tackles and four sacs. One was a 36yd touchdown and the other was a 60yd touchdown (yes you read that correctly 60).

His 36 yd run photo and I just prayed that #75 (a big 'ol boy) would not clobber him! I wish I would've captured an end zone view of the 60yd touchdown but I was too busy cheering and running that way and I don't quite run as fast as him ~ almost not quite ~ DREAM ON! The funny part is after I made it down there and got the camera ready to capture the extra point the opposing Coach was talking to one of his players who wouldn't move up in line. When asked why he wouldn't just scoot up, the boy replied, "they are trying to kill me Coach I really think they are trying to kill me!" Sad I know but still funny when you hear irrational thoughts of kids!
After the game he was telling me the play by play action of the 60yd touchdown and it was so cute. I wish you could see his face as he was talking about it. He said, "Ok Mom while I was running I was looking out of the corner of my eye, right. Then I saw someone running after me so I just put a little more speed in it and just made a touchdown!" I think after typing it that you would have to see him while he tells the story to get the humor ~ facial expressions are priceless! All the boys did really well today. There were a bunch of good tackles, runs and thanks to the defensive line I don't think Grove ever made it passed

the 30 yd line! I wish I could take pics of a freshly painted field!
At one point Coach Travis only had one play left to go and we were on their 22yd line when he tells the boys, "Let's get this done in one play Tigers!" "OK," the team shouted back. Being the doubting Thomas I thought wow those are high hopes Travis. Carson, our quarterback, got the ball and ran 78 yards with no one even close to him and made the touchdown in one play. This isn't rare for Carson who is FAST and he can go the distance but it is still exciting and impressive each and EVERY time!!! Cody had some good runs and good tackles ~ he is so tiny and adorable I would just squeeze him if he weren't so darn sweaty!! I think he may have been juicin'!! JUST KIDDING! Parker did good today......Ryan did good....what am I rambling aka typing and thinking about they ALL did very good so I will shut up now!!
Final score: Tigers 26, Ridgerunners 0

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