Monday, October 06, 2008


Can you believe this......Elijah's football game was at 1:30pm this weekend?!?! Yep you read that correctly and yes I got to sleep in....well as long as my 3 yr old let me but 8am is sleeping in right now!!! Because it was an afternoon home game vs our normal "butt crack of dawn" away games, more of our family and friends were able to come see Elijah play his little heart out! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO CAME TO THE GAME! It was the boys first loss of the season and I was proud of their perseverance and heart! All season we had said the game against the Wagoner Bulldogs would be our toughest and indeed it was! We lost 25 to 13 BUT the boys never gave up! In their defense, the boys were playing a 1st AND 2nd grade team while our team is 1st graders with 2 kindergartners. One year of experience makes a difference! Apparently there were some really bad calls on the part of the refs! There was yelling by parents, coaches and refs which never happens at OUR games! We are a cheering section for our boys but making the game unfairly judged gets them riled up - notice I said "them" and not "I". I was on the sidelines walking back and forth taking pictures and cheering the boys on having NO clue whether or not a call was good or bad! I did get upset when my boy was face masked and it wasn't called ~ I know what that one(lol)! People waiting along the fence to watch the game after us even came to different parents and coaches talking about how the calls were ridiculous and INFC rules were broken (3yd lineup rule?) that the leader should be contacted about. Apparently the coach of the opposite team knew he was breaking the rule and admitted to it but said if he wasn't get called on it that it gave his team an advantage and he would make his boys get back in the last couple of minutes. What a jerk! I guess he doesn't have a conscience or the desire to teach his kids to play by the rules even if no one catches them. I can neither confirm nor deny whether the calls were good or bad nor will I say they caused a loss in the game b/c I don't know what the calls mean let alone if they are good or bad YET!! Yep sad but true!!! All I know is our boys made me proud by not given up or for that matter really even getting too discouraged. Elijah had some GOOD runs, GOOD tackles AND he NEVER gave up! He made me proud and his team made me proud! Losing one game won't break these boys' spirits b/c they all genuinely like to play the game together and they like their coaches. Losing may make them play even harder!! The BA High School team had their first loss of the season too this weekend so I guess it wasn't a good weekend for Tiger football. I am sad at the unfair game the boys had to play but I know our boys will continue playing with integrity, character, will, strength and heart even when some others won't!!

That's my boy ~ tuck and run!

Go baby go!

Run to Momma!!

Keep going Carson - Don't let him hold you down!

I had to include this pic b/c my son looks like Gumby!

Seriously his arms creep me out in this picture ~ they almost look like they aren't attached!!

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