Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Isaiah has an issue with "K" words or "C" word with the "K" sound. Instead of making the "k" sound he replaces it with a "T" and today I discovered that it could be bad and funny! He often asks for a "tookie" which is a cookie. I then try to get him to make the "k" sound which he can do perfectly but then immediately say "tookie" again. At least I know he can make the sound! He says "titchen" instead of kitchen, "tan" instead of can, "tistin" instead of Kristin and Aunt "Taren" instead of Aunt Karen. You get the point right?!? Today I took off work early to take Elijah to his meet the teacher day at school then I needed to feed my friend's cats because she is on vacation. Isaiah was upset we didn't go to his school too and he was very tired so I appeased him by telling him we would go feed the "kitties" after we left. On the way to Helen's house Isaiah fell asleep. It was cool out so I rolled the windows down while I ran into the house to feed the cats. After driving awhile, Isaiah woke up in a BAD mood which doesn't happen too often but he was NOT happy. He asked where we were going and when I told him he totally flipped out yelling, "MOMMA I WANT TO SEE YOUR TITTIES NOW!" over and over again in a parking lot with the windows down. My response, "What?" "I WANT TO FEED HELEN'S TITTIES!" he screamed this over and over! Obviously he was very upset b/c he didn't get to feed Helen's kitty cats since he was asleep. Now I will no longer be able to call them kitty cats or kitties they will always have to be called cats! Going to work seriously on that "k" sound!

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