Saturday, August 16, 2008


Tonight I took the three boys to meet up with Shan, Quin, Cleta, Charles and Connie to eat. They chose a Mexican restaurant on a not so nice part of town but we all know I am a sucker for Mexican food with friends. Plus I was lonely!! Just kidding! We eat out a lot with our friends in fact when we tell the boys we are going out to eat they beg us to call friends like we can't EVER eat alone! Sad but true! Our friends easily become our family around here! ANYHOW we went to the restaurant and the food was really good. The restaurant was on the right side of a Mexican grocery store however I would later learn it housed even more. When asking where the bathroom was I was told to go past the ice cream parlor through the grocery store and when I go passed the registers turn right and the bathroom is on the right before the laundromat. I laughed and said OK. Literally I walked passed the ice cream parlor, through the grocery store, passed the registers, turned right, walked down the hall passed a SHOE SHINE AREA, A HAIR SALON and sure enough before the laundromat were the restrooms. They had left out the shoe shine area and the hair salon and that just put me over the edge. I thought that was so freaking funny! Why go anywhere else they have everything you need!!?!?!?!? This Mexican restaurant/grocery store/ice cream parlor/shoe shine place/hair salon/laundromat gives new meaning to a multi purpose room!!! THEN TO MY SURPRISE MY HUBBY WAS HOME WAY WAY WAY EARLIER THAN HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE!!! WOOHOO for me! They weren't supposed to be home until Sunday afternoon but I guess Josh HAD to be home Sunday morning and then one of the guys got really sick so they got home around 10pm tonight. I love my husband, my boys, good food and good times with family and friends!

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  1. I am laughing my head off at this post. It truly is like a Mexican miniature truck a Flying J's or Petro! I didn't realize how funny our directions to the bathroom were until I read them!


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