Saturday, August 09, 2008


3 colors later and finally I have Tez's new room painted!! Gray is a hard color to get...........too light first of all (they said it was grey but honey it sure looked white to me) then the second one was painted all on two walls when Elijah walked in and said did Tez want purple walls Mommy. I thought NO THIS IS NOT PURPLE!! I decided to leave the room and return to get a fresh look and sure enough it looked purple to me too. I then compared it to all kinds of gray items and sure enough it WAS purple so off to the store we go!! Finally we found a good gray and I finished painting the entire room!! More about this tomorrow when I am totally done onto the subject at hand.............

Today was Elijah's first football scrimmage. Yippee! I am not a football fan but love to watch him in sports so hopefully I will find a copy of "Football for Dummies" soon!! I was a little upset when I found out the scrimmage did not start until 8pm. Hello these kids are six years old and my kids are in bed AT 8pm during the school year. Since it was the weekend I let it slide but seriously why couldn't the older kids play that late. The scrimmage was going well and then after two little scrimmage games I thought it was over which was A-O-K with me since it was raining off and on. Coach Hinesley's wife yells, "hey where are you going?" I said "HOME!"
Then I was informed this was only a break and there were two more left! You are kidding right? Nope they were serious! Lightning and thunder fill the sky with my six year old kid running around in his armor of metal......I am almost positive there is metal in the helmet , right!? I was not happy to say the least!! The only positive was that his team was doing really well. They had NO touchdowns scored against them and they scored several. I was shocked they did so well so early on. Finally at 10:40pm it was over, woohoo! Just when they finished the flood waters came. Seriously we were in a downpour and I had to take my shoes off and grab Zay and run the freakin' mile to the car!! Of course, I was wearing flip flops and they are too slippery when wet!! My umbrella broke in three places and sliced my thumb open b/c of the high winds. I couldn't even see to buckle Zay into his car seat after the jerk next to me made me wait while he stuck all of his coolers into his car. Let me think "worry about the coolers getting wet or let the soaked woman with the young child get into their car?" No brainer for me but I guess some people have NO BRAINS! I finally had to just toss him into the car while he was screaming then I got into the car and climbed to the back to buckle him up! Total chaos! I couldn't really see to drive and pulled over twice THEN I actually had to wring my clothes out when I got home now that is some SERIOUS RAIN! Fun times! Good night! Here are a few pics of the scrimmage:

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