Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Today was schedule pickup for Tez at South Intermediate! I offered to take him since I went to South I would be able to show him around OR so I thought! From the second I walked into the door it felt rearranged which is highly likely since it had 16 years since I had been to anything besides the gym at South. I don't remember the office being where it was and the counselor's offices wait now that I am typing it......I am remembering.......they did move the offices and counselor's offices which could be the whole problem therefore ending my thoughts that I am getting old! hehe In my defense, it also could be that Tez is in all ID/remedial classes and I didn't have classes in that end of the school when I went there. So we go to the cafeteria to get the schedule and fill out the required paperwork and then starts my "off the wall out of the way tour"! I cracked myself up and I think I worried Tez a little. Poor guy is going to be so lost on his first day! So I am walking to his first class saying, "ok you are going to walk in the main doors, go to the cafeteria turn right, take the first left and go up the stairs then turn left and then left again and you are at room # 200 with a few "wait a second"s in between this turn and that turn! Wow I think I even confused myself! I then see there are stairs right next to his class door and decide to journey down them to see where they go.....the west end front door!! I then said, "Forget everything I just told you! I will drop you off at these doors so you will just walk in the door and go up the stairs for your first two classes!" He just smiled and looked confused so I said let's start all over and get another map! Poor me for having a failing memory of South and poor Tez for having to rely on my memory for a tour of his new school!

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