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Meet Miss Ellie

I had a picture of the back of her shirt but I accidentally deleted it! Oops!
It read "My 3 big brothers are going to crush you!"
Elijah had his first football game today in Miami at 9am. Seriously they should not have scheduled all the away games so early - they are only 6 yrs old you idiots!! The plan was to have the team meet up at 6:15am HOWEVER as luck would have it Isaiah got croup. Croup is an evil little illness - it always starts in the middle of the night. Being a croup expert I heard a couple of croupy coughs earlier in the day and had mentioned to my sister he was about to get croup. Elijah got croup when he was 18mos old and then he would have croup every three months on the nose. I am not lying every Feb, May, Aug and Nov Elijah would get croup. He would get croup REALLY bad and we would end up in the hospital each time over a period of about 2.5 yrs. It got to the point that he would require epinephrine breathing treatments so they would then need to keep him for a while to watch his little heart. The past two times were mild almost just blips on the radar. It is so weird - he would have a bit of a runny nose, complain of a headache and then be a little hoarse then the next evening here came the evil illness. It didn't always help that he would panic which would make him cry and make the coughing worse. But the other thing I think makes it weird is the fact that the first night was always hell, the next day would involve a lot of sleeping and excess eating from the steroids and then it was pretty much just over. I THINK he is finally growing out of it though, please Lord!! A lot of moms ask me about croup and I just know what I have been told - most kids will never get croup, if your child does get croup more than twice then more than likely he/she will continue to get croup until he/she grows out of it between the ages of 6 and 10. The signs are (at least in my kids): they will complain of a sore throat or may sound hoarse, a slight runny nose, headache the night before but more than likely the signature barky cough (they WILL sound like a seal HOWEVER if they get it as bad as Elijah YOU won't hear the barky cough only the respiratory therapist will be able to hear it through the stethoscope - that's the time to worry) will start in the evening or middle of the night! You can call the doctor but more than likely you will spend hours in an ER waiting room so you might as well be at home, right!! They will prescribe steroids - IF POSSIBLE ask for a single dose of Dekadron (sp) it is one oral dose administered by them instead of you giving them yucky tasting steroids four times a day for a week. Caution: steroids will make them cranky, irritable, hot and hungry!! They would also give Elijah some Lortab elixir mainly to RELAX him so the coughing would slow down so he could sleep. If you decide not to go to the ER overnight, try to keep them calm crying will only make it worse. Take them into the bathroom shut the door and turn the shower on HOT for fifteen minutes while you sit with them so they can breathe the steam THEN immediately take them outside if it is cold to breathe in the cold air (it sounds mean but it helps). You can also open the freezer and place them close to it so they can breathe in that cold air or if it is a cool night take a drive with the windows down. Keep a cool mist humidifier on them at all times while they sleep. If you have a nebulizer you can give them a breathing treatment, the actual albuterol will not affect Croup but for some reason they still tell me to do it to calm down the breathing. If they sound wheezy or gasping for air take them to the hospital b/c they have Croup with Stridor and you will be able to get them right in (saying your child can't breathe gets them right in!) Out of all those times Isaiah has only had croup 3 times including this one and he doesn't seem to get it as bad or maybe he deals with it better. The poor boy has been sick so much in his little life that he deals with illness better than most kids. Croup is about the only time Elijah is sick but Zay is a walking illness magnet!! HOW IN THE WORLD DID I GET ON THIS TOPIC AND THEN RUNNNNNNNNNN AWAY WITH IT?!?!?! Sorry this blog was supposed to be about Elijah's 1st football we go again..............I finally got Isaiah to sleep at 2am and I got up at 5am. I called my Mom to see if she would be able to watch Isaiah since I already had him started on steroids there wasn't much else that anyone could do and he would probably sleep anyway and I knew Elijah would be very disappointed if I missed his first game since he already does not understand why I don't go to every practice. We all got ready, took Isaiah and met the team to leave for Miami @ 6:15! Whew I am tired just talking about it! AGAIN why are 6yr olds playing an away game at 9am PLUS they have to be there an hour early for stretching and weigh in!! Do they realize how far away that is? Why are we playing Miami anyway? What about Jenks/Glenpool/Owasso???? Help me!! We all arrive to find out we were given the wrong address! Being the smart cookies that we are, we figure there is probably only one other place the game could be in Miami - the college. Our game was on the college practice field - no lines, no scoreboard, no bleachers, no restrooms..........need I say more! What the crap! Why couldn't we be told beforehand to bring chairs. The Miami people know they don't have bleachers and therefore bring their chairs - could they not have informed the officials when scheduling the game.

The Miami side with their comfy little chairs - I hope they were wet!!
(See how positive I am! lol)

Part of our side - pullin' chain and standing

My chairs will no longer leave my car until football season is over! After being there about 10 min. down came the rain!! Needless to say we were all cooped up in the back end of all the SUVs that were there. The rain lasted about thirty minutes then quit!! The boys were holding steady at 20 - 6 for the first three quarters then the game ended with us winning 26 - 20!! Good job BA Gold!!

Carson going for a touchdown!

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  1. Whew! That was like reading War & Peace! I told you- the second I got that schedule....we would have come up with some excuse to yank him out!


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