Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Isaiah had croup over the weekend which you already know if you read the never ending blog - my friend said it was like reading war and peace!@? Thanks Shan you always know how to say just the right thing!! I think it has now turned into something else so I decided to take him to the Dr. today. He insists he is not sick and that he is just busy. Not sure what that means but okay. Long story short he has developed a sinus infection but the cute part of the story is when the doctor was done and walking out of the room Isaiah's yells at her , "HEY!". She stops in her tracks and says, "Well yes sir!" He then says sounding very angry, "I can't leaf you didn't make me feel better!" She just smiled and said, "well I thought you said you weren't sick, you were just busy and I can't help you being a busybody!" He then says, "You got to be tidding (kidding) me!" Out of the mouths of babes!

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